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Full Version: Problems with Logitech QuickCam and KIS 6
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There seems to be a problem with running both KIS (tested with different versions from and different beta releases f.e. and the Logitech ProcMon Driver version and the just released

This driver (c:\program files\common files\logitech\lvmvfm\LVPrcSrv.exe) is included with the QuickCam software for the lates webcams from Logitech, f.e. the QuickCam Orbit MP, Fusion, Ultra Vision, Notebooks Pro and Pro 5000.

After a while (varies from between 10 minutes to several hours) the system starts getting dumpprep errors (every time you open a new program) like "The instruction at "0x7c8edf9c" referenced memory at "0x7c8edf9c". The memory could not be "written".

If I disable the Logitech Process Monitor service the problem disappears.
The problem doesn't appear with another AV solution installed (f.e. NOD32).

I've experienced this on 2 different PC's and there are other reports in the forums here f.e.: post#12 &hl=logitech# post#5

I would like to know if there are other users who have the same problems with this setup and if so a fix would be nice.
The problem (for me) is not that big, since the normal camera functionality is not inflicted when disabling this service.
Other users however might decide that it's due to bugs in KIS 6 and switch to another AV solution (since it's harder to replace your hardware).

Maybe (until a real fix is found) the KIS installer could warn the users and let them disable the Logitech Process Monitor service before proceeding with the install.
i've had the same problem but found no solution is really annoying.there should be a patch for this.
First of all upgrade to 380. If that does not work, please upload memory dumps, trace logs and, getsysinfo to the ftp.
It's my problem too ! I disabled lvprcsrv.exe and no more crashes !

KIS told me that lvprcsrv was an invader process
Thats a different problem. But never the less update to 380 to see if the issue will be resolved or not.
I got a message from Logitech that suggests following to the users of QuickCams and Kaspersky 6:

"In kaspersky 6 go to settings->service and enable the compatibility mode for applications that use self protection. Reboot afterwards."

This seems to solve our problem (at least this laptop has been running without problems for 1½ days).
This is quite an old thread.
QUOTE(Whizard @ 19.02.2007 08:44)
This is quite an old thread.

It might be an old thread.. but some of us have just encountered the problem.. it still occurs and it still needs to be fixed!

Lucian Bara
it's solved, enable compatibility mode under settings->service (for v6) and under settings->protection( for v7)
I had the same DEP problems with a totally new build.
Sorry I'm not using KAS but have ZASS installed that is based on KAS I believe.
Found many of these in my Error Log.
"Faulting application drwtsn32.exe, version 5.1.2600.0, faulting module kernel32.dll, version 5.1.2600.2945, fault address 0x000edf9c"
Found one reference to it on MSFT forum that stated it was a problem with the Logitech Webcam software.
Uninstalled all related software and no more problems.
Took me a couple of weeks to figure it out. Sure wish product manufacturers were a little more proactive in helping customers.
Not sure if the workaround lucienbarain described works in ZoneAlarm though.
That is simply a memory error. What is to say its Kaspersky related even though its based on it. Try contacting ZA and send them memory dumps from Dr Watson
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