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Full Version: KAV 6.0 still in registry after uninstall
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Running KIS 2011 on an XP Pro SP3, with Outlook 2003. When I open up Outlook I get the error:

The add-in “C:\Program Files\Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0 for...” could not be installed or loaded. This problem may be resolved by using Detect and Repair on the Help menu.

Outlook's detect and repair doesn't fix the problem, though it executes.

When I use the kavremover.exe tool it only finds kis 2011, which I don't wish to remove. Is there a chance that kav 6.0 is still buried in the registry somewhere? My original problem was that after I uninstalled kav 6.0 I forgot to run the kavremover.exe and then went ahead and installed kis 2011. Maybe that would have saved me.

I am able to avoid the above mentioned error by turning off the add-in "Kaspersky Mail Checker" in Outlook, but this not desirable and leaves a vulnerability. Is there a manual way to completely remove all traces of the kav 6.0?


Are you talking about KAV 6.0 (home user product, which has been dead for a long time), or KAV 6.0 for Windows workstations (business product)?

Try running latest kav remover from safe mode, and select to remove all kaspersky products. Reboot, run ccleaner (or ATF cleaner), do you have same error again? If not reinstall latest KIS 2011 b556.
Thanks Marko13. However, the error persists.

I meant KAV 6 the business product. (Now I realize I may have posted on the wrong forum; I was unsure where to post). I went ahead and tried running latest kav remover from safe mode, though it did not give the option to remove all products at this point; I used it to remove KIS 2011. I rebooted, ran ccleaner and ATF cleaner, and let the ccleaner fix the registry errors.

At this point, I didn't have the error, and I installed the latest KIS 2011. When I fired up Outlook the error was back. I went ahead and tried the whole process starting in safe mode, etc. and didn't get around the error.

Outlook does fine with Kaspersky Mail Checker turned off, but continues to have issues looking for that old add-in when the Mail Checker is turned on. Starting to wonder if this isn't a Kaspersky error.
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