I am using KLUpdater on a notebook connected to the internet to download updates from the KL Website, and am then copying the folder to a server on a non-internet enabled network. The server is used as the host for the KL Administration kit.
KLUpdater on the notebook runs and completes with a Code 35 Success message.
I copy the folder D:/MMS-AV from notebook to server.
I have set the Update path correctly to D:/MMS-AV in Admin Kit (not KL Servers)
I then run the "Update Repository"task.
For the first week or so, this was fine, and I was happily deploying KL-AV and updates around my network.
Now I get the following message:-

A file necessary for updating is missing from the update source 'D:/MMS-AV/bases/av/emu/i386/u/kjim.kdc'. Troubleshooting recommendations:
1) If you are updating from Kaspersky Lab servers, run Updater again. If the error occurs again, send the Updater trace to Technical Support to clarify the problem.
2) If you are updating from a user-defined source, copy the correct database to that source.

I have tried about every combination of unloading, re-installing, re-downloading possible - and still get the same message.
True enough, the missing file (and it's entire folder) - is not there.

Any ides of what I need to do to get complete downloads from KLUpdater?

Thanks in advance to anyone who helps.
Julian Venn