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Full Version: KAV 9 FilterBHO Class add-on in IE8 locks up Win7 Ultimate
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Why is the KAV 9 FilterBHO Class add-on in IE8 locking up Win7 Ultimate?

When I turned on my PC this morning and launched IE8 my PC immediately became unresponsive. After much trial and error I determined that the issue vanished after launching Start -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Internet Explorer (No Add-ons). This was the only way to run IE8 without the PC locking up immediately and requiring a hard reset. Then it was a matter of disabling all add-ons and then turning each back on one by one and closing and restarting IE8 each time. Finally I determined it was solely the Kaspersky FilterBHO Class add-on that was causing the problem.

Next question is why, I was surfing without problems last night. I have never experienced an issue with IE like this before. Google Chrome browser is unaffected. For now I can keep the add-on disabled but what functionality am I giving up. I have tried googling FilterBHO but I am no closer to knowing what this add-on is used for, please help.

Please see: and post the requested gsi report link.
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