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Full Version: Kaspersky will not complete virus scan
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I am not sure if I have a virus or not. Up until today I have had no problems doing full scans. Now today, I have tried to do a full scan both in safe mode and in normal mode but both times kaspersky stops scanning and reboots my computer. This is the file name that shows on kaspersky when it stops scanning and reboots my computer. C:Windows\Installer\f153b4
I have attached my system info. I would like to get a suggestion as to what I should do next.
Welcome. If you suspect malware issue, please use the downloaded standalone AVZ utility and attach the zipped; instructions, see:

Also, try with scan settings as shown in post #2 of this:
The screenshots are from 2009, but the same settings are located in version 2010 scan settings, too.

And please post your GetSystemInfo report link, instructions are located in the sixth Important topic, Home User section of this forum.
I appreciate your reply. I looked the post #2 in this thread;#entry846194
and the screen shots show different items than what my version of kaspersky has. My version does not give any options under full scan.
The options it gives under object scan are different as well. The options under object scan are My documents, my email, 3.5 floppy, main ©, DVD Drive (D), DVD Ram (E), Main (F).
I was able to run full scan modes before today with no problems. Just today when I did a full scan in normal mode or safe mode kapersky just rebooted my computer by itself.
No messages. I have attached the getsystem info and the virussysteminfo. What would be your suggestion now?
Version 2010 > Settings > Full scan > Security level > Settings. Try without AVG Anti Spyware. Your avz log looks clean. It looks like you ran Combofix, that is not advised unless individually instructed. Go ahead and attach its log.

I do not run avg any longer and actually I removed it earlier today before I read your reply. I ran combofix a few months ago. Not recently. If you suggest I run it again can
you give me directions on it? I tried running the scan as you mentioned but kaspersky still reboots my computer.

Not yet, instead, let's make sure AVG Anti spy is removed. Please follow items 3) and 4):

QUOTE(Don Pelotas @ 16.05.2005 03:53) *
3. Click here to upload your GetSystemInfo log. (Note: It’s not a requirement to register)
4. Now add the link to the log you have just made in your post.
Again, it's the link to the uploaded log we need (from the browser address bar/field), not the raw log which is hard to read/decipher!

Here is the getsysteminfo. I appreciate your help and will follow whatever suggestions you give me.
My error. I did not follow your instructions correctly. Here is the link of when I uploaded it.
Please do a checkdisk. This can take some time to complete.

From your Event Viewer: "Faulting application sss v1.0.exe...".

You have Malwarebytes installed, please update it first, scan and attach its log, but Please Don't remove anything yet, until the log is reviewed.
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