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Full Version: Internet Explorer shuts down when I open My Bank Web site
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My computer has been behaving strangely in the last 2 weeks, The internet explorer shuts down whenever I open my Bank Web site...It simply zoop and the the whole internet explorer shuts down. Surprisingly my bank account can be open from Opera. The internet explorer opens all other web sites except my bank web site, it simply shuts down wheneverm I try to log on my bank account. I ran Combofix it doesn't detect anything serious. This is a strange behaviour of Internet Explorer and I am worried about my security. Any Help??
My Combfix log is attached below.
Does it work if you right click on K>>choose Exit?
In addition to what Whizard requests:

1) Please do not run Combofix unless individually requested by a malware removal person.

2) Please do not post unrequested Combofix logs.

3) Please do not post Combofix logs in Home User section. That is what the Virus section of the forum is for.

QUOTE doesn't detect anything serious.
Maybe not, therefore, moved to Virus section.
I exit KIS and tried to open the web site. The welcome page is open but as soon as I tried to open the login page the internet explorer shuts down. Strange! Opera can still open the page.
Please attach the zipped; instructions, see:

Run the script that is attached near the bottom of this post, instructions: PC will reboot:

Then, run this one:

A file called should be created in C:\. Then please zip up C:\qoobox\quarantine and upload both it and C:\ to a filehost such as
Then, Private Message me the Download link to the uploaded file. Click my user name and select Send message. Lastly, uninstall Combofix by: pause Kaspersky > Start > run >
type combofix /u > ok. Or Start > run > type thefix /u > ok. Restart Kaspersky.

Also, if you use Windows System restore, turn it off > reboot. This to remove malware from system volume information files. Then turn system restore back on, if you wish. How to turn it off/on:

Also, scan with Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware: Update it first, scan and attach its log, but Please Don't fix anything yet, until the log is reviewed.
I just received your PM, thank you for the links. The Combofix icon should be gone, if not, right click it and delete it. Fix what Malwarebytes detects, you log is attached:
The problem still persist. Whenever I try to open the login page the Internet Explorer shuts down along with all the open sites in the other tabs. I Will wait for newer updates for a day or two. Strange!!

Please avoid all such items, for several important reasons.

If the issue appears to be Kaspersky related, you can contact Tech Support, link is at upper left of this forum page.
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