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Full Version: AV installation on server 2008 core
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Franz schenk
Our customer has Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows Server Enterprise Edition V6, which should also support Windows server 2008 core, according

But when we try to distribute Kaspersky AV from the Kaspersky Management Console to the server with Windows Server 2008 core, the core server records an event that MS Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher is required for the Kaspersky installation .

How do we have to to install Kaspersky AV on Windows 2008 server core? Thank you in advance for any help.

You can find some methods here.
Franz schenk
Thank you for your hint.

Unfortunately, the link you mentioned contains only basic information that is not related to Windows Server 2008 Core, and the installation does not work.

Ran the following command line on server core: msiexec /i kav6fs.en.msi /qb- /L* c:\kavmsiinstalllog.txt

The last lines in the kavmsiinstalllog.txt file:

Property(S): OriginalDatabase = Q:\kav\WinServers\english\kav6fs.en.msi
Property(S): UILevel = 3
Property(S): MsiUIProgressOnly = 1
Property(S): KLSETUPDIR = Q:\kav\WinServers\english\
MSI (s) (8C:C4) [09:49:15:587]: Product: Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0 for Windows Servers -- Installation operation failed.

MSI (s) (8C:C4) [09:49:15:587]: Windows Installer installed the product. Product Name: Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0 for Windows Servers. Product Version: Product Language: 1033. Installation success or error status: 1603.

Thank you in advance for any further help

You are installing the wrong product.

You must install Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows Server Enterprise Edition on Windows2008.
Franz schenk
Thank you for your fast and helpful feedback.

A Kaspersky distributor from Switzerland has installed a Kaspersky AV solution on our customer site. Unfortunately, they have not too much technical experience, nor have they documented anything.

So, I have the following questions:

- When I open the KAV administrator console and go to "Remote Install", I have in the right pane a "Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0 for Windows Servers Version" with the following license Info: "Kaspersky BusinessSpace Security DACH Edition. 150-249 User 3 year Cross-grade License"

- When I right click on this application and choose "install" I can install KAV to a Windows 2008 server (full installation), and it works fine.

My questions:

1. What do we have to do now? I have seen in your link that it's possible to download the Enterprise Edition ( Do we have to purchase an "upgrade license" from our Version to the Enterprise Edition? Or can I download the Enterprise Edition and all the hotfixes that you describe on the server with the KAV administration Kit?

My goal is only to have Virus protection on a Windos 2008 server (core installation), and, if possible, without upgrading the KAV server with the administration kit and eventually affect the KAV installation on all other servers and workstations.

2. Does our customer have to buy an additional license to get KAV Virus protection for the Windows 2008 core server?

Thank you in advance for your help!


You can use your license for KAV-FS-EE.

Before you can see this product inside the AdminKit you must install the plugin "klcfginst.exe" on your Admin-Server.

Please run the .exe and extract only the file and stop the setup imediately. Then you will find this program.

You must download only version Not the critical fixes they are all included in this version.
Franz schenk
Thank you for your help.

- Have run the x86 and the x64 Version of klcfginst.exe on the Server with the Kaspsersky Administrator Konsole (the server is an x.64 2003 Server). The installation of both components run successfully.
- Have restarted the service "Kaspersky Administration Server"
- When I'm try to create a new "Global Task" I can see "Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0 for Windows Server Enterprise Edition" with various task types

- But in the branch "Remote Installation", there is no new option, just the one "Windows File Server" that we had before.
- When try to execute this "Windows File Server" Remote Installation on the Windows 2008 Server Core, I'm still getting the same error in the task results pane "IE5 or higher required".

Can you provide some more information? What are the next steps? Thank you in advance!

Did you create a new remote installation package with the kpd-file in the extracted installationfile downloaded?
Hello Franz,

go into Remote Installation, right click on the package and install.

Follow the Wizzard and select the server you want to install.

Franz schenk
Thank you all very much for your help!

I was able to create the package from the installation source of the KAV Enterprise Edition, and could install the Virus protection on the Windows 2008 Server core.

Franz schenk
Was too optimistic: Installation is ok now, but have now 7118 License Violation Events on the Core Server, and the Real Time Protection does not start.

We have the following License: "Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0 for Windows Servers Version" with the following license Info: "Kaspersky BusinessSpace Security DACH Edition. 150-249 User 3 year Cross-grade License"

Helmut wrote that we can use this license. When I created the package for KAV Enterprise Edition, I used this License Key File. But when looking at the Server 2008 Core System, the KAV Admin Console tells me that there is no License installed on this machine.

What should I do now to install this License Key to our core server?

Thank you in advance for any help!

What is the creation date of your license?

Under some circumstances it does work.

Then you must contact your reseller that he ask Kaspersky to create an actual license key and it works with this product.
Try to install the same licensekey, which you used to activate the workstations... if this does not work, go ahead as Helmut already mentioned.
Franz schenk
Thank you for your help. After installing the workstation license on the Server, I was able to start the real time protection. Neverless, the license information for the server core system in the KAV Admin Console is still "not installed"

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