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The Live CD broke my partition table, incuring data lost (mklink / symlink)

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It's the first time I use Kaspersky live CD, It was only a prevention scan,

The Kaspersky scan found some suspicious file but they were not infections being ran by my OS, (Windows 7)


As I'm using a small SSD some of my folders were linked to HDD, they were ; Desktop, documents, app data, and many more from /user/


once I started my PC I had lost everything on my 2nd HDD and this was affecting my OS, all desktop icons were gone, many can't find X,Y,Z ... .exe autoruns


I did a scandisk on the affected HDD on another computer and it repaired many errors,

Here are the scan/repair results and showing the drive had used space while showing nothing on the drive.

Scandisk results (screenshots)

Then I did my best to match the gibberish named Found872653 folder to their corresponding directory.

My desktop icons are back and I recovered most of my data,



Windows must have deleted many entry when it saw the files were not available.

itune is broken

backgroung image is gone, (while it was on c:)

about 10 autorun are gone from registry

My custom taskbar with 25 quicklauch in C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch was deleted.

every day I find 3-4 new things that doesn't work like before....


Who's fault ?


1st Kaspersky clearly messed the partition, (the linux logs show it had trouble unmounting the drive.)

2nd Maybe MSFT ... who deleted links and had trouble repairing symlinks

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Something went terribly wrong, When doing a virus scan destroy a 1.5TB Raid 1 partition.

I'd like Kaspersky to acknowledge this problem. !!! ASAP



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