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Kaspersky says AVG 8 Still on Computer, Cannot Find it

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I just recently had one of my desktops returned to factory settings, and my documents reinstalled. When I tried to install Kaspersky, I was told it was conflicting with something called AVG 8 Free, which I didn't know was on the computer, and didn't know it was an antivirus. I uninstalled it. Then tried again to install Kaspersky. Kaspersky said AVG is still on my computer. I can find no trace of it to uninstall. HELP!!!


1. Uninstall the anti-virus(es) you have installed via add/remove programs in the controlpanel, then reboot after the uninstall is finished.


I did this, and thought all was well. Unfortunately, all is not well.


2. Next you delete the folder most likely left behind after the uninstall, use explorer to open "Program files" and delete the folder of your previous AV, if you get a "In use by other persons or programs" then try to use a program called Unlocker (free), simply rightclick on the folder and choose "Unlocker" for your options to appear. Very useful tool for difficult files/folders btw. You can also use "Search" in Windows to hunt down & delete any files/folders still there after an uninstall. Another thing you could do at this stage, is to run a tracks-eraser to remove files not used and just using HD space, two free tools are: CCleaner (both builds with the Yahoo toolbar and versions without this)


I cannot find any folder or any other evidence of AVG 8 anywhere on my computer. Use explorer to open "Program files"? How do you do this? The only way of finding program files I know of is to click on start and then click on All Programs. Using explorer, what do you click to go to Program Files? I couldn't find it. And if I cannot find a file, how could using Unlocker help me? I tried several times searching my computer for any trace of AVG and cannot find anything, yet Kaspersky won't install because it says it's there. I tried redownloading Kaspersky and that didn't work, either. HELP!!!

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You have to use the special removal tool for AVG witch you would find here: http://www.avg.com/download-tools Don't forget to run your pc in the save mode, when you use this tool.


Regards :)



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God bless you and Merry Christmas, that did it! If you were here right now, I'd kiss and hug you, I'm so happy!

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