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Well I have been working as a Dell PC Support Specialist for Dell Your Tech Team now for almost a month after training and I have seen more issues with Mcafee than I care to name.. Mcafee let users install winantivirus 2008 and 2009 and RapidAntivirus.. Next big issue I notice is I have had several calls where Mcafee totally blocked internet and they could not browse the internet.. what crap... I personally have sold Kaspersky to about 3 or 4 users already getting them off Mcafee. And norton doesn't even have complete http protection it only works with specific browsers so if your using other browsers your not even protected properly. Everyone of the customers said their system worked and ran better with KIS 2009 :ay: Trend Micro I haven't come across their internet security version but the normal version again ran into winantivirus issues.

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I am very glad that you are having a positive experience with Kaspersky. I would also like to politely add that in this forum, that we are very careful in the avoidance of awfulizing the competitors products. Let us keep the focus on Kaspersky, this will not be an "Us versus Them" thread.

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