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Steve Burkett

[New Download] Admin Kit v5.0.1104 available

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Liking the Wake-Up-on-Lan and centralised Quarantine management guys! Good stuff.




Changes in version 5.0.1104 compared to version 5.0.0474


Added functionality:


1. Administration Console now displays the current status of anti-virus protection in corporate LAN.


2. User interface of the Administration Console now includes task panels (for Windows XP platform and later).


3. A lot of additional features in the Administration Console’s user interface.


4. An opportunity to scan IP subnets using ICMP packets has been added. Discovered computers can be automatically added to a specified administration group.


5. An opportunity to specify the parameters for scanning of computer attributes in individual domains/workgroups/subnets has been added.


6. The criteria for client computer statuses can be specified on the administration group level.


7. An opportunity has been added for automatic relocation of all computers from a specific subnet or from a container in Active Directory into a specified group.


8. An opportunity to define the rights to access the administration group for arbitrary accounts / user groups has been.


9. Audit events for administrator actions resulting in a modification of the Administration Server’s configuration have been added.


10. An opportunity to create arbitrary selections of computers within Administration Console has been added.


11. An opportunity to create arbitrary selections of events within Administration Console has been added.


12. An opportunity to search for computers within logical networks of subordinate Administration Servers has been added.


13. An opportunity to review events pertaining to the changes of task status in the event list has been added.


14. An opportunity to filter events in a list by task name has been added.


15. An opportunity to export arbitrary event selections has been added.


16. An opportunity to change the public folder used by an Administration Server has been added.


17. Events pertaining to establishment of connection / disconnection from primary/subordinate Administration Servers have been added.


18. The algorithm of communication establishment between primary and subordinate Administration Servers has been improved.


19. “Every N minutes” schedule type has been added for the Administration Server task that retrieves updates.


20. An opportunity to define the details for a list of updates retrieved by an Administration Server has been added.


21. An opportunity has been added for automatic start of tasks retrieving updates on subordinate Administration Servers as soon as the primary Server downloads these updates.


22. It is possible now to use several sources of updates for the Administration Server task that retrieves updates.


23. It is possible now to use the Wake On LAN feature to switch on client computers before task start.


24. It is possible now to stop a task that runs longer than specified.


25. An opportunity to compress the traffic between Network Agent and Administration Server has been added.


26. The remote deployment subsystem has been optimized. Remote push installation uses several threads decreasing the overall setup time and making the process less vulnerable to network errors.


27. A remote push installation using the Network Agent does not require opening the UDP port 15000 on client computers.


28. An opportunity to maintain a centralized list of objects quarantined on client computers has been added.


29. An opportunity has been added to create several group policies for a single application and activate one of them when the “Virus outbreak” event occurs.


30. Added support for Microsoft SQL server authentication using a specified user account and password.


31. Added an opportunity to save/restore an Administration Server certificate during application setup.


32. A task for backup copying of the Administration Server’s data has been added.


33. Added an event log record informing about the node that has transmitted a message.

Added an event log record informing about the task that has generated a message.


34. An opportunity has been added to notify users about the need to restart the operating system after remote deployment of the application on a client computer.


35. Added opportunity to delete events selecting a range thereof.


36. Added support for creation of a computer drive image containing an installed Network Agent for subsequent deployment on other computers.


37. An opportunity to search by the cause of "Critical event" and "Warning" statuses has been added.


38. Case-sensitivity support for Microsoft SQL Server has been added.


39. The expansion speed for nodes containing event selections has been optimized.


40. The main window of the Administration Console displays the version of the operating system running on a client computer.


41. The new version of the Administration Sever can use an old backup data copy.


42. The klnagchk.exe and klmover.exe utilities have been added to the distribution package of the Administration Server. They are used to test the connection between an Administration Server and client computer (klnagchk.exe) and to change the Administration Server manually (klmover.exe).


43. Displayed results of computer search contain the Administration Server’s name.


44. An opportunity to add and review comments for client computers has been added.


45. An opportunity to establish an RDP connection with a client computer has been added.


46. The speed of computer addition to an administration group has been optimized.


47. The speed of network scanning by an Administration Server has been increased.


48. An opportunity to generate a printer-friendly report version has been added.


49. Notification to Administration Server about power-off of a client computer and uninstallation of the Network Agent has been implemented.


50. Customizable choice of displayed columns for event selections is now possible.


51. The diagnostics of notification delivery after pressing the "Test" button has been extended.


52. An opportunity to display diagrams for uncompressed e-mailed reports has been added.


53. Error diagnostics in the klbackup.exe utility has been improved.


54. The parameters preserving the Administration Server’s certificate are mandatory in the klbackup.exe utility.


55. An opportunity to generate selections of events “For the last N days” has been added.


56. An opportunity to use Microsoft SQL Server 2005 as the database server has been added.





1. Fixed the error that resulted in incorrect propagation of notification settings within a policy hierarchy.


2. Fixed the error, which prevented the remote deployment task using the Network Agent transport from resuming its work after an Administration Server restart.

Task resumption required stopping and restarting it manually.


3. Fixed the error, which caused incorrect restoration of group tasks from a backup copy in case, when the current directory containing the Administration Server is different from the application directory used during creation of the backup copy.

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