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KAV Novell 5.6.1

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Begging for a quick reply if possible...


A large prospective client reports that last night ~midnight US CST. his updater task began failing. Without any intervention on the users part the task ran successfully this morning, 8 hours after orginal failure. After the update completed successfully the date of the av bases was reported as March 3, 2005.


My thought was to clean up the BASES folder as I would do with other KAV products and then restart the task, however with Novell I am unsure if this cleanup procedure is appropriate or not. Please help.





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Why would you still clean out the bases folder if the error is not there anymore...


The kaspersky updater mechanism is designed to start/stop/resume or rollback any updater action. So if an update fails, it'll roll back to the last known good set of bases. Then, when a fixed new update comes available, it'll just download that one (which in this case happened after 8 hours...)

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This just in...


As it turns out the update task never did succeed again after the last good update, (completed at midnight on Nov, 3 2005). The customer and I were misreading the date of the last update (3/11/05 in America is March 3rd, 2005...). Anyways we have the date part straightened out, it reflects the last good update that occured at 12:00 am on the Nov. 3.


The updates are indeed failing however. Attached is the updater log for anyone's review who has any ideas. Please note that I formatted the log from .xml to text and there are some of my comments in the file to dileneate the different update attempts.





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My first observation was the fact that settings were changed. Notice how there was not SMTP support added. Now, I can only gather so much from the plain text file, but...


help.png What did the client do in the past few days that could have caused this behavior?

help2.png Did the customer in fact add SMTP support (should be yes)

help.png Are they able to ping your servers? That's plenty of failures...makes me think they've got an internal problem

help2.png If they are a campus, they are using Internal DNS...in the event of failover on THAT server, they could use a tertiary DNS server in order to allow them to do external lookups IF Internal lookups fail. This will be dependant on how their DNS is setup, but it's an idea nonetheless...


I'll also add that the date format has thrown me off as well. A user-defined setting might be a nice feature in the future...or adding something more distinguishable like:





At least they'd know the year from the YYYY (full) format. Plus, it should really only increment (last 2 [DD]) on a daily basis, making only a subtle change in the display.

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