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KAS makes xwin (and all X windows) hang

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I'm running KAS and since the second week of December or so KAS has been causing my cygwinX sessions to hang. I haven't been able to determine what triggers the hanging, but it's definitely something from KAS when I fire up and xterm window and ssh to another computer.

I can disable KAS and all is well, but then as soon as KAS reenables, the X programs all hang.

I've been pausing protection for 5 hours at a time but today I've had it!

I just burned 4 hours doing a database upgrade only to have Kaspersky clobber my session when I was almost done - I get to work late tonight and rerun the upgrade :angry:


Anyone have a clue what updates happened last month, why xterm windows running ssh all suddenly hang or what I can do to troubleshoot this pain in the patootie?



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