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Workstation Updates from 5.0.10 to 5.0.225?!?!?!

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I dont understand why it is such a pain to update the Antivirus products. My setup is a follows: The Antivirus Server downloads all product updates urgent or not to a local location that is shared on the network. Looking into the AutoPatches folder I have kav5.0.205patch_winwks_upd.exe, patch_all_wks_5.0.225_to_5.0.227, and patch_nb_fs_5.0.52_to_5.0.57.


The workstations are running 5.0.200 so I cannot run the kav5.0.205 patch since the workstations are running an older version. When I go to the website under product updates I can download the urgent update to go from 5.0.200 to 5.0.210. Great...but how do I go to 5.0.225??? And what are the changes????


Is there a simpler process for the updates? Also, every update has to be run individually from the workstations. Is there an automates process???? I that was the whole point of the remote install protion of the Admin Kit.


Please advise. This is a painfull process especialy since I have several clients running this solution and it is becoming too time consuming process.




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Hi, Robert


This what I do. I'm sure this is the best way, but it works for me.


It can't upgrade from 5.0200 to 5.0225 via updating modules or patches.


If you want to upgrade 5.0225, you need to download the new version workstation 5.0225 and create the package. Then, deploy it to clients via administration server.


5.0225 workstaion fix some problems and improve performance.

In addition, this add the new setting, which can solve about PST problem. :D


Hope this works for you too.

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You rock!! I installed the latest version of the Admin Kit. Ran the uninstall task on all workstations through the admin console, and reinstalled them to 5.0.225! :lol:


So sick! The urgent Update from 5.0.225 to 5.0.227 automatically installed on all workstations.


Thanks for your help! B)

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Well, here's a reason why it won't update a coporate product to a new version automatically:


- New version means new features.

- New features have new impacts on the settings for the anti-virus application

- The network administrator needs to think about how he wants to make his new settings

- After he has done all this thinking... he can start to deploy the new software with the new features.


That's why you don't want KAV to upgrade automatically from 5.0.200 to 5.0.225.


The upgrade from 5.0.225 to 5.0.227 was an application fix, not a change of application features; that is why it can install automatically.


And to see the difference between applications with new features, or with fixes, just take a look at the version number:


5.0.xyz, where:

x and y are mandatory changes; most of the time meaning new features

z is a minor change, mostly a bugfix.


Ohw, and I'm NOT a KL software developer... This is just common sense for software developers, that is why I'm sharing it with you :)

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