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Local network slow after installing

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Browsing on my local network (i.e. to my router) is very slow when Parental control is turned on. I am using KIS v7.0.0.125 on Windows XP Pro and using IE for web browsing. I tried turning off individual protection modes in KIS to isolate the problem. The problem seems to be connected with the Parental Controls section. My Windows account is listed in the Parents section, so I assume that the web content is not limited by KIS as stated on the options page. When I disable Parental Control, I have no problems. When I re-enable it, It slows to a crawl again. Could it be related to downloading (small) images on the router admin page? Any suggestions?


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Do you need Parental Control?


Yes. I have children who use the computer and Parental Control is one of the tools I look for in an Internet Security package. I'm not sure how well the Kaspersky version works, but it's got to be better than nothing (except for the slowdown).

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Browsing on my local network (i.e. to my router) is very slow when Parental control is turned on. I am using KIS v7.0.0.125 [sKIP]


For my part, I declared my local network as trusted addresses, so AV checks are bypassed (all machines on our LAN run KIS). I am not sure it will do anything about parental control, but possible slow downs because of the AV should be done.


Hope This Helps



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My local network is in the trusted list. The slowdown persists.


I have read of instances on this board of users having KIS7 set too tight and thereby causing slow surfing. If I remember correctly (and someone please correct if I'm wrong) there are at least a couple options you don't want set too high. One is web antivirus...make sure the slider is set in the middle to "recommended." The other I think is file antivirus....make sure in the general tab that it is ticked for "scan only new and changed files."


And hey, if it turns out that the extra work of parental control is going to always slow the surfing, then so be it, simply disable when you're on, and enable when the children are on. I can't offer any personal experience with pc as I opted not to load it during install. good luck.

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FOR WIRELESS NETWORKS, set the Routers Wireless Configuration to:


1 - Beacon Interval = 50

2 - Fragmentation Threshold = 2346

3 - RTS Threshold = 2347




FOR ALL NETWORKS, navigate to the following two places:


1 - Network Connections/Advanced/Advanced Settings/Adapters and Bindings:


Under the heading Connections:

Make sure your Local Area Connection is first in the list



2 - Network Connections/Advanced/Advanced Settings/Provider Order:


Under the heading Network providers:

Make sure the providers are listed in this order=


1 - Microsoft Windows Network

2 - Web Client Network

3 - Microsoft Terminal Services





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