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I have the KAs 6.0 internet security and am using the anti-hacker mode. I blocked one of the programs accidently and now I cannot get updates automatically, access internet or get my e-mail. I can however turn off my firewall and an everything works. How would I go in and unblock this?

I also get a message "error the DNS #_____ " from internet explorer when I tried to have it resolve the initial connection problem.

Thanks for "H E L P"!!!!

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Welcome. Settings-Service-Reset. Also, you may set firewall on Training Mode, delete rules for the program-ok and restart and allow on Firewall popups. This is in Settings-Firewall-Settings-Rules for applications. Also, upgrade to Version 7 is available, free with your current license, and recommended. See Don's Important sticky topics at top of Home User forum page for more information.

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