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Kaspersky 6 WKS vs Genevalogic Protect-ON

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Hi all,


I've already sent a request to kaspersky's helpdesk support, but still didn't receive any answer.


We have some computers with Protect-ON ( http://www.genevalogic.com/index.php?id=1804 ), which restores the hard disk to a previous snapshot every reboot. And, of course, we want to install Kaspersky on it. biggrin.gif


I know that Protect-ON intention is to get rid of changes, including virus. But this costumer is not happy enough, he wants additional protection... So, if he wants to buy it, of course we're going to sell it.


Now, I've researched a litte about portable apps (which have the same principle that we want to use), and even found some unofficial portable version of KAV and KIS.


What I'm trying to do is install KAV for WKS in a different protected partition, along with updates, so Protect-ON don't run over it every reboot. Still, Windows registry is a problem, once it stores a lot of info about Kaspersky. So, our plan is to export Kaspersky's registry keys to our safe partition before every reboot, and then import it back after Windows has booted up.


This is only an ideia that came up, we're not actually testing yet. I would like to know your opinion about this solution... if it could be done, if it have no possible way of doing it...


Any comments will be very appreciated biggrin.gif

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Let me edit my post because I read yours too fast.


If you want to throw on Kaspersky and you already have a disk protection system, just make sure you set a thaw or unprotect schedule to happen when people aren't using the machines, like say, 1 am.


Then the machines can boot up and grab the updates from the KAV server and then protect themselves after the updates. Then you are up to date with virus defs on a daily basis, for example.

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But, after 6 months, they will be downloading a huge virus defs, right?

And if a new klif.sys is released (for example), after the update we'll need to restart it to get it applyed, right?

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No; not if it's anything like Faronic's Deep Freeze product. I've read up on yours and you can schedule times when the machines are in a normal state instead of a protected state.


With Deep Freeze (and I'm assuming yours works similarly) we schedule "thaw times" for maintenance that includes AV definition Updates and Windows Updates. The machines turn themselves on a 1 am and stay on until 5 am to perform update tasks.


During this time, they get all the latest AV definition and engine updates, plus all Windows updates from internal WSUS update servers.


The machines shut down at 5 am when they are finished and then they are back in a frozen state where no changes will be saved anymore. But when they are booted up at 7 am, they have all the latest Windows Updates and AV defs, etc.


The changes are permanently applied during the "thaw" times that we set for maintenance. This means that they are only doing daily updates so they'll never have to download huge definition files because they are truly saved every morning.


The mouse and keyboard are also locked during all maintenance schedules so that no one can do anything during the hours of 1-5 am.


If there is something that required a restart, normally it's never a big deal (in our situations) because Windows Updates normally require a restart anyway so the machine goes through a restart and during the maintenance times the machines retain their system changes so they don't get wiped out with the restart.


You could also use a free app like poweroff.exe and run it either through the local PC's or from the network with elevated privileges on a schedule to force a restart at whatever time you would like after the updates take place so that a restart goes into effect every morning, regardless of whether the machines need it or not.


That ensures that the machines get restarted during the maintenance mode times that you have setup on your app and the updates for Kaspersky are applied and updated after the restart.

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