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working from an old report

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I was reviewing the reports on one of the office computer and the scheduled scan that ran two weeks ago yielded 6 infected and/or suspicious items. It will show me what they are if I click on the report and then the repot tab, but for some reason I cannot figure out how to make it so the program will give me the chance to either disinfect them or delete them. I think last time I just went and found the files based on the path provided in the report and deleted them; this time however, with hidden files showing and all, I cannot find those files. They are supposed to be in C;\systemrestore, but I can't find that folder in C:\

I imagine there must be an easy way to address them through the reports, though I don't kow what it is. Those objects also did not appear on the scan that ran this past friday (report showed no infected objects)

please advise, and thanks for any help in advance.

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oh, i'm working with KAV for Windows Workstations if that helps.

Some of them appeared on a specific rescan, but can I gewnerally work from reports if I'm not there to review the results right after the scan is done?

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you should be able to se the folder if you go in the windows explorer to tools -> folder options... -> view -> hide protected operating system files (recomended)


it is however recomended to keep this option checked for the normal use.


you should be able to remove this files when you scan the pc with kav but you should NOT have is set "report only". eather automatic recomended repair od ask user for action sould do the trick. another thing you could do is to turn off the system restor, this will delete all the restore points from the system and so will aslo remove this files since they are in the system restore folder. after that you can turn the system restore back on if you like to use it.


if you need more info or help with this isue then i recomend that you post the scan log of the detected object to this forum, so we will be able to understand better what object ware detected, how they ware detected and whare.

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