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File Shredder Progress and Cancel Suggestion

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Hi Kaspersky Team,

   It's great that file shredder is included in the product.  Very handy when required.   I have two suggestions for it which would make it much more user-friendly:

  • On the "Delete Data Permanently..." pop up window, while a deletion is running it just says "Deleting files...".  Please add some progress information to that screen, based on bytes or KB completed out of total bytes/KB so that users can see progress and get an indication of speed of the deletion.  it doesn't have to be updated constantly.... say once every 10 seconds would suit most purposes I think.  For very large deletions, even just once a minute would be good enough.
  • Add a "safe" cancel button to the "Delete Data Permanently..." pop up window.   This is useful for when users start a deletion that is taking much longer than they'd expected, and they need to shutdown their PC or stop the deletion for some other reason, without leaving half-deleted/corrupted files.  While finishing file operations safely during cancel, I expect it would need a cancel progress indicator as well, similar to the above, as cancel could take a long time if it happens to be shredding a large file at the time.

My use case:  I have a 6TB drive that I need to return to the manufacturer.   I am file shredding about 100gb of files on it, using the "Quick Delete" method at folder level.  The drive is in a USB 3.0 hard drive dock, and I'm using Windows 10. So far, the activity has taken 24 hours, and it's still running.  I have no idea if it's due to complete in 5 minutes' time or is going to take another month.  Some of the files it is shredding will be large video files.   I would like to shut it down, and put the disk in a tower case to try deleting from there, to see if it will run significantly faster.  Failing that, I'd like to move the whole setup off my dining table to somewhere out of the way and onto a UPS, while it finishes running!  And if it's going to take too long (like 3 months to run....) then I'll probably give up and shred only the most sensitive files (e.g. legal documents) and do normal, insecure deletion on the rest (e.g. photos, videos).  The only way I can see to stop File Shredder at the moment that might be safe, is to shutdown the computer that's running file shredder and hope that it will take it's time during shutdown to stop shredding properly without corrupting files (obviously just killing the file shredder process will leave corrupted files).  BTW, when doing smaller file shreds, I've also noticed that there's a green progress bar indicator that shows sometimes on the Kaspersky File Shredder icon on my task bar.  But that is not showing for my current large shred activity, even when I've set the taskbar to include labels to make the File Shredder button bigger on the taskbar.

Questions:  Any suggestion on how I could gauge progress at the moment?  As it's overwriting files, I'm not sure if getting folder size using Windows Properties would be useful, plus I've forgotten what the actual folder size was before I started.  Also, is there a way to cancel without corrupting files and if so, how?

Unless/until it's possible to add these my above suggestions to File Shredder, can the File Shredder documentation be updated to answer my two questions?  I've also added feedback about this to the FIle Shredder KB article at https://support.kaspersky.com/11449#block4 .

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8 hours ago, techlyn said:

I have two suggestions for it which would make it much more user-friendly:

:)Any suggestions to improve a Kaspersky product..Should be send to Technical support 

Link : https://my.kaspersky.com/techsupport#/requests/new  << After Log in my kaspersky

fill up first Steps >> on Request type click the down-Arrow >> select - Feedback

A request subtype appears >> Clicked & select the option..

I have a suggestion : Typing them and Send it


8 hours ago, techlyn said:

Questions:  Any suggestion on how I could gauge progress at the moment?

On this -1 wait for another member to comment on it  - Thanks for posting

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