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[Off-topic] Tutorial How to get old "K" Logo with Kaspersky 2019 (Traybar only)

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Hey Folks

I was annoyed by the new shield Tray Icon from Kaspersky 2019.

The old "K" was like "Yo man everything is OK" where the new "shield" tells me "Yo man I need to protect myself from your stupidness".

So I managed to switch the logo and will share my solution with you guys.


1. Download the old Icon files from below, or get them (like me) from an Kaspersky 18 installation

1a. unzip them into C: root folder

2. As you are not even allowed as an admin to change anything in your Kaspersky folder, you need to restart you Computer into safe mode

 2a. Hold Shift and klick on restart

 2b. Troubleshoot>AdvancedOptions>startup Settings>[restart] > press 4 and log you into your account.

3. Move the folder from your C: root folder intro your kaspersky root folder (std.: C:\Program Files (x86)\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Internet Security 19.0.0\) and override the 28 files.

3a. if you copyed the icons from your old Kaspersky 18 installation, go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Internet Security 19.0.0\skin\resources\neutral\images\trayicon.

      copy and paste "disabled_update10.ico" and "update10.ico" and change the names in "disabled_update11.ico" and "update11.ico".

4. Now you can reboot your computer and start in normal mode.


Now you got the old logo (even with animations) back in your Tray bar



The last "problem" I got is that the Icons in the context menu is still the shield. But I think these icons are hardcoded into the .exe.

If you got a solution please reply on this thread.





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:lol:Looks like nobody want to answer this aren't you..?  Due to the fact

that you're just Sign up as forum member, don't know the history

related to the  "Kaspersky old K icon Vs. the new shield icon"

it was discussed last year 2018 - Here on the forum

but we couldn't get it changed to the old -1 : You

manage to get the K to the Taskbar, but the

method used is too difficult to try on 


5 hours ago, little_punk said:

The last "problem" I got is that the Icons in the context menu is still the shield. But I think these icons are hardcoded into the .exe.

With this problem would be better to contact - kaspersky Technical support to verify

which answer you get - Link : https://my.kaspersky.com/support/requests/create

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Hey thx for reply,

I actually know about that discussion, because I googled that topic and couldn't find any solutions.

So after I managed it to get the old K, I decided to sing up here to share my solution.

"too difficult" is not true. What you actually do is download the old icons, start in safe mode and replace the new icons with the old ones. I might went too far into details xD.

The icons in the context menu are not annoying me that hard, I just wrote that there if anyone got an Idea how to solve it.



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Thank you very much for this info! I have tried in the past to do this, but gave up after about an hour. Too much work. But then I didn't think about doing just the Taskbar Icons. This works superbly and appreciated it. All I did was disable Kaspersky's setting for 'Self-Protection' and then copy/pasted the Taskbar folder. I made sure to rename the original folder, just in case it was needed later. But, almost immediately I seen the results, after doing a Quit, and then restart Kaspersky program. Much better ICON in system tray! Thankyou again.

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