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Change Firewall Settings for network

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I've been trying to update a Tomtom device, but the update keeps freezing.  I've found out that this is probably because of my Kaspersky firewall settings, which is detecting the tomtom as a public network and therefore blocking it.  I also found out that one way to fix this is to go into the firewall settings and change the network from 'public.'  However, I can't do this!  When I click on 'edit', all the options except for 'public' are greyed out and I can't make any changes.  I've done some screen captures of what it looks like in case this helps.

On the 'kaspersky image: my problem is with the 'internet' under the 'Other Networks' heading.  This is the tomtom.  But, when I try to edit that, I can't make any changes.  I hope this all makes sense!

Can anyone help please?  



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Welcome. Not sure this is a Kaspersky issue and maybe Off Topic on this Forum.
Is the USB cable directly connected into a USB port on the computer and not into a USB hub.
Also , updating TomTom takes a long time and  looks like "freezing" but isn't ...

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There's no USB cable connected anywhere.  I think you're asking if the Tomtom is connected to my computer, but it isn't.  It updates via wifi.  The tomtom is definitely freezing. 

And regardless, I still would like to know why I can't change the settings for the network in Kaspersky.  How is that not a Kaspersky question?


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With the greatest of respect, Berny, that doesn't tell me anything that I don't already know.  As you can see by my screen caps, I've got that far.  What I'm saying is that when I go into the settings, it won't let me change the settings for the Other Network/Internet (the one right at the top). I am apparently connected to this other network and, unless this is the tomtom, I have no idea what it could be.  I'm sure that it is the tomtom because it says that this other network was created at the time when I first started setting up the tomtom.  And if it is the tomtom, then I need to be able to make it a trusted network, apparently.  What I'm asking is how to do this.

Or, alternatively, if you can tell me what this other network is.

I do appreciate that you're trying to help, and I'm grateful for that.

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