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KRD 2018 does not see disk in my VMWare guest OS

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I am running a VMWare Workstation with Windows XP as a guest OS an I need to check its HDD   with KRD. I downloaded  the corresponding ISO from the site, made a bootable virtual CD in my guest OS, successfully started my VM with KRD but got a showstopper - it does not see the HDD in this guest VM. VM seems to be ok; at least WinXP successfully starts there from the same virtual HDD. But why KRD stopped seeing it is beyond my understanding. 2 years ago it successfully saw this HDD. How can mount my HDD in KRD and perform scanning?

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It's known issue with VmWare BusLogic SCSI firmware and 64-bit linux kernel.

So, if you have:

  1. Problems with loading KRD 2018 or it's doesn't see any harddisks
  2. VmWare virtual machine in Legacy BIOS mode
  3. One of harddisks or cdroms in this virtual machine is SCSI
  4. 32-bit OS on this VmWare virtual michine loads fine

then try:

  1. Follow instruction from https://support.kaspersky.com/us/14223#block1 to change KRD boot options
  2. Instead of adding parameter delete ${kernel_postfix} from kernel boot options:
  3. image.png.bd260a1ebfd7216e26448c3822d5d073.png
  4.  image.png.0c89bd7175402c09a38cb5aa2d29ebdb.png
  5. Press F10 (or CTRL + X ) for KRD 2018 loading
  6. Check than KRD see harddisk now

P.S. We'll add this information on support page later.


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