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??? in subject line

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My job requires me to receive messages with non-ASCII contents.

When I view message source after filtering by Kaspersky, any UTF-8 in subject lines appear to be changed to ??? and only ASCII characters remain readable.

When I view message source directly in the ISP's webmail, I can confirm that the subject line is UTF-8 encoded.

Subject: =?UTF-8?B?dGVzdC7Qo9Ca0KA=?=  comes out not as " test.УКР ", but as "test.???" only when the message is delivered to the Client system where KAS filters it.

Is there any way to change this data-destroying behavior by KAS?

(The same contents, if copied into the text of the message, survives unchanged.)

Kasperksy and latest Thunderbird on Windows 7.

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Honestly I don't have answer to this - Text / Files format characters bug

so would be advisable to contact the experts on Technical support

Link : https://my.kaspersky.com/support/requests/create


Just for the forum readers reference.. 

ASCll = Stands for - American Standard Code for Information Interchange -

is the most common format for Text files in computers and Internet

UTF-8 = Unicode Transformation Format : The 8 means it use

8-bit blocks to represent a character : Post Tech Support results

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Another intriguing data point is that subject lines encoded in GB2312 (a Chinese encoding) survive.

I'll contact support.

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