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In that my (XP) Acer AOA-150's Netbook's display has an 8 inch and
13/16ths inch screen, so far my attempts at changing resolution
and/or DPI, still disallow me to view the entire Kaspersky windows.

I've even tried dragging the issuesome window(s) onto my external
monitor which is recognized by the Netbook's default OEM provided
"Intel Graphics Accelerator Driver for Mobile" (by my specifying
graphics oprtions>output to>notebook+monitor and even

The closest I've come to resolving the issue, is to when I can left
click the Kaspersky windows upper-most areas and drag the window
upwards to see the otherwise unseen bottom-most window, but as soon
as I drag it to that point and try clicking on the otherwise unseen
Kaspersky's button(s), before I can click on any of them, the window
jumps back upwards.

And while at least then I can read the buttons for that moment, I
can only thereafter detect the buttons upper borders, so at least I
can click them that way.

Short of any other graphics software provider's drivers (which may
unlikely as it is, given the largely unsupported Windows XP's and
such Netbook user's), might there be someone that knows enough to
help resolve the issue short of my workaround?  It's either that or
maybe some day Kaspersky's Developer's might relent and offer (what
seems to me, a fairly rudimentary aspect in software compatabilty,
i.e.; scaleability).

Advance thanks and kudos for any helpfully constructive replies.

Best regards to all and to all, happ-e-trails,


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OoPs! haven't received answer yet..?  well I tell you wguru your English

level is ok - But you've to shorten the paragraphs and explain better

your questions : Also keep checking if somebody answer them

* thanks to Whizard for add extra info on wguru questions


With this question : open Thunderbird browser and type on Searching bar this..

[How to change screen resolution, resize + move windows on XP Operating system]

The browser will display different methods to do this, follow the easier one..Good luck

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Same with my wife's HP Mini 110-3100  - KIS has never "fitted" the screen since we started using the HP / KIS combo 5/6 years ago. Did manage to find another unofficial driver  which makes matters slightly better.

Alas, I think it's the screen that prevented us trying Win10, so just another 12 months of supported Win 7.

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On my netbook I temporarily turn on "automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode" to access "all" of Kaspersky. When finished, I turn it off.



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