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Safe Money, Firefox, opening in a protected browser, it only opens in a normal browser. [merged with redux]

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I have been running KIS with Firefox 61.0.2 64-Bit without any problems.

I updated to Firefox 62.0 a couple of days ago and Safe Money no longer works correctly.

When I select a wesbite that is setup on my Safe Money as opening in a protected browser, it only opens in a normal browser.

So I re-installed Firefox 61.0.2 and Safe Money worked correctly again, so it is an issue with Firefox 62.0.

I have notified Mozilla about this issue but I just wanted to let KIS users know about this issue.


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2 hours ago, Vader_58 said:


@Vader_58 : on the name of the forum membership - We thank you for

that important feedback. We've to try our own solutions, before post

the malfunctions on browsers, toolbars, apps..Etc. keep Upp..!!

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I previously posted details of problems with Firefox 62.0 64-bit when using Safe Money but that issue was resolved.

However as I have discovered the same problem with the latest Firefox update, I wanted to let KIS 2019 users know that there are the same issues with Firefox 62.0.2.

I was running KIS 2019 and Firefox 62.0 64-bit and the KIS Safe Money functioned correctly, as usual.

I updated to Firefox 62.0.2. and when I selected a bookmark from Firefox which is setup in KIS Safe Money as Run Protected Browser, 
Firefox opened the website in a normal window.
When I selected a bookmark that is setup as Prompt for Action, again Firefox opened it in a normal window without the select options. 

I then put Firefox back to 62.0 and the Safe Money functionality works correctly again so there is obviously a bug with 62.0.2.

I have logged a bug with Bugzilla so hopefully they will fix this ASAP.

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I received a reply from Bugzilla:

"This is not "obviously a bug with 62.0.2" if 62.0.2 improved your security and things have been wrong in KIS for years."

Another reply was "I don't know anything about KIS but I think you should discuss with them."

So we are back at the usual stalemate where Mozilla and Kaspersky blame each other and neither wants to fix it, which, as always, affects the users.

So hopefully sometime in the future when either company updates their software, it won't have an effect on the other and both will work perfectly.

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