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Windows Security Center, KSC shows that it's firewall is running as does Windows Defender Firewall.

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I get a firewall error in Windows Security Center after installing Kaspersky Security Cloud Free. KSC shows that it's firewall is running as does Windows Defender Firewall.

Security center error.png

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Same issue here. If I click on "Open Kaspersky security cloud" it actually shows the firewall as active and I can turn it on and off. But if I back out and goto the main Kaspersky interface it shows the firewall as a paid for feature. 

Windows still insists the firewall is off but the windows built in firewall is showing as active. WTH!

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Hey! Guys wanna a reply from the infamous indio - No,.well correct Me

if I'm wrong, but as far as I know : KFA and KAV doesn't has Firewall

Does Kaspersky Security Cloud Free - has an Enabled firewall..if

not MSoft Windows Defender - Enable its Firewall and

Spyware components : So you're protected

to change the status I guess have

to buy the paid version :rolleyes:

Edited by i n d i o
Hurry indio have to make a correction..Add the word free, where.?

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It shouldnt have firewall but its installed itself and told windows it does. Clicking the link in windows security console shows the firewall as active in KSC but when you view it via the KSC interface it shows as a paid for feature.

Also windows services shows the built in firewall as active but security console shows KSC as being responsible for firewall duties.

So looks like the devs probably took the regular KSC and watered it down but missed something out.

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Chiming in just to affirm that this behavior happens on freshly installed Windows 10 1803 + Kaspersky Security Cloud Free

Had to uninstall not because it doesn't work, but because user this computer belongs to does not like false "action required" messages that cannot be acted upon.

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