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Why is Kapersky not letting me purchase product?

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I've used Kapersky Total Security since Aug 2014, so have purchased it yearly several times.  Now, your system is 'doing nothing' after I enter my information and press enter.  All I get is a referral back to the Store page!  Please know that I have Windows 7 Home Premium in an old-fashioned custom desk top mode; that is my only device. 

I think I have 12 days left of the Total Security and began trying to purchase the new Total Security 2019, version late on Aug 18, 2018.  I did it the same way I've done it before; I've always found I could get a better deal by going through your store and selecting the 1-only device for 1 year, which costs $34.99.  I do not want the disc, so I remove that from my purchase.  Also I do not want auto-renewal, so I unclick that.  What happens is, up pops a page which looks like I'm to fill in information, so I do that.  I've tried it THREE TIMES now, but always get brought back to the store page upon trying to press enter for a final purchase.  This hasn't happened to me before!  Something is wrong.  Here is what I have tried to do, with entering my information:

I see a box stating that my shipping address is different from my billing address.  It is NOT; I've tried leaving it clicked and unclicking it, to no avail.  Then, there is zero information in that billing address section about me other than my name, so I have tried filling in all the blanks including my telephone number.  I've tried putting the order through with everything filled in, and without, as shown.  I have left the shipping address blank, because it would be exactly the same as my billing address, IF you were mailing me something, which you are not.  I tried putting in my credit card number both with all 16 digits crammed together, as shown, and also separated with spaces after each four numbers.  I put in the month and year dates, and that cvv or whatever it's called number on the back of my card.  I am worried, as I've put all my information in several times, and never received anything, not even an email notification.  How do I know my credit card will NOT be charged anyway?  This was always quite simple, before.  Now, it is ridiculous.

Please tell me I do not have to buy one of the over-priced versions of the very same product in order to be allowed a purchase at all!  I need somebody to help me get this done within a short time, or I'll be forced to say good-bye to Kapersky forever, and I don't want to do that.  I need verification that Kapersky hasn't and will not charge my card for these non-receipts of the product, and then I need to know exactly how to actually purchase the correct version of the product for the smallest price you have available, not the most expensive one.   

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This isn't going to work--I finally called tech support, and they suggested I go ahead and get a download of the new version of Total Security (2019) so it would already be installed on my computer when I go to buy the new license and activation code right before my current one expires Sept 1.  This caused a lot of trouble, because the emailed instructions clearly told me to 'add the activation code NOW'--and of course there isn't one yet.  How can I make you folks understand that I have my download, it is up and working just fine--I still want to purchase a new license, probably Aug 31--and will expect to get both that and the necessary activation code at that time.  BUT, I do not wish to purchase this so-called  'premium' version of Total Security which costs a lot more--$69.99 or so. Also I do not wish to purchase a license for '5 devices' since I only have ONE device--get it?  Your store very clearly shows me a way to buy a one-user, one-device license for $34.99.  I have done this for the past 3 years.  Only this time around, your store wouldn't allow any such purchase to go through.  I called sales, and they flat didn't believe the 1-user, 1-device price, or that it was even shown on your website.  Can I no longer get this, and if not, why not? If I must pay more, can I get a license for the $49.99 price, instead of the stupid $69.99 price which is the one 'enforced' in you try to use the 'renewal' option? If I keep being  lied to and messed with, I intend to not buy anything more from Kapersky, ever. I will find another product if I must. There are no files to send you, sorry.  Why can you not answer some simple questions? Already I had to ask for a refund for the $49.99-plus-tax from an order I tried to place through the sales dept, because the salesperson didn't alert me to certain facts.  The amount hit my credit card this morning--hours after  I asked for the refund--so now, I must wait until THAT gets refunded before daring to try another 'order'.  Just--please tell me HOW I can get a new license and activation code without paying that far more expensive price, please!  

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:rolleyes: Listen if you already installed - KT Security ver. : Either you can

reactivate the program right now or wait, until the app has 3 days before expire


if you want to purchase the - License right away use your CCard and the

activation app will "Add the remaining days to the New subscription"

to do that follow this - Link :  https://support.kaspersky.com/14349#block2

After open the link, you will see two choices


1) Check subscription status 

2) Activate the subscription : When you click this link you will be offer the option to

 "Buy a license" Go thru the steps and before or after you pay :: Kaspersky will detect

that you already have a license..So will ask to Re enter the same 20-Characters code

That you already have it in your : KT Security version : clear enough.?


On the same link provided, you can click on the option : Products that

can Be activated with version 19 - Activation code : versions 17 : 18 : 19


if everything fail and you already paid for the Renewal try to re-Enter the code

using this Tech article :  http://support.kaspersky.com/us/13829#block1

Hmm! .. indio hope you don't add more confusion,..?

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