Hi all. Approximately 3 months ago we have migrated the antivirus server, from a physical computer to a virtual machine. To migrate it, a clean installation has been made from scratch. In the old server, we re-target the clients through the network agent, to the new server.
Until there, everything OK. This is the new server:
In the last 40 days, we began to notice that certain computers, randomly, run out of WiFi connectivity, that means, they lose the connectivity of the network to which they are connected, but in addition to this, the serious factor is that they no longer have visibility of the networks. other WiFi networks. Here some examples:      The only way to fix this issue, is turning off/on the Wireless controller. Investigating, we note that the KAV has a "Device Control" section in which it is shown that it handles WiFi device control. In the endpoint:
  However, we have gone crazy looking at the 2 policy (Agent and Endpoint) and we couldn't found the section that refers to "DEVICE CONTROL". Server policies:   Policy "KAV Endpoint 10 SP2 for Windows"     This is the distribution by version:   ¿Could you please help us? every time it becomes more critical and complex, since it increasingly affects more users. The only solution we have found is to uninstall the Endpoint in the clients, but it is not the solution we want. Thank you!