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SystemWatcher, Hipsdb, kavbase, kjim, qscan, ark modules update

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We are asking you to test SystemWatcher, Hipsdb, kavbase, kjim, qscan, ark modules update

Update available from: http://iro.kaspersky-labs.com 

Release date:
19 Feb 2018 (start of targeting)

Update description


    klavasyswatch.dll (x86, unmod)    Version:    MD5: 999B1B45AAA9E4FAF612128DAD2C8232    
    klavasyswatch.dll (x86, mod)    Version:    MD5: 1A5D27C7E4E27AECB5C59726921FE455    
    klswapiproxy.kdl (x86, unmod)    Version:    MD5: D6FFC0D723953A912E5A926AE5FCF5D2    
    klswapiproxy.kdl (x86, mod)    Version:    MD5: 6B90C88684FB13F1DD7DBFC9252B368D    
    sw2.xms (unmod)        MD5: A6C37491D5C0261DD1341EEAF2B74772    
    sw2.xms (mod)        MD5: 6FFA041BE2CC63E8D8E9507795A71813    
    rollback.dll (x86, unmod)    Version:    MD5: 53671CF100A306B22AA45A47B7D48614    
    rollback.dll (x86, mod)    Version:    MD5: F73171B4F3089770FAAAE7A32945D4F7    
    sw2ar.xms        MD5: 854C85F355DEDB70B2BF51D08BB18909    
-          Performance fixes
-          Dump fixes
-          Statistics sending bugfix
-          AntiCryptor improvements


-    MD5: 337ffea64f71126256aec822877b2385

-          Fixed PUPs alerts
-          Dump fix

kavbase.kdl (x86, unmod)     Version:     MD5: 96CF07223526F2C48E417645AB88E1F6     
kavbase.kdl (x86, mod)     Version:     MD5: 3FBF2991BABE248E410CE1F82A3CF738     

Bugfixes, reopening of password-protected objects

x86/current/kjim.kdl                     28b550a3f1e99b88a879b9beae1491ad
x86/current/mod/kjim.kdl             168775232b8fe667156c265af1dbd244

- Changes to VBA parser
- Bugfixes on AWP
- Various improvements

qscan.kdl (md5: 6a7cc596c9ae1b592eb291389a02ff49 ) 
kavsys.kdl (md5: 79ab7f087ea0ada1169d1b8219309c57 ) 
klark32.dat (md5: ccc68ab1bc72e76923e715c225e90296 ) 
klark64.dat (md5: e3cb328329f3f468dc30eb90d4417af3 ) 
klark32.drv (md5: a90f39e51246cd55cc9474d65dc59408 ) 
klark64.drv (md5: 0ea41015cd1b41afccc896a916e8617a ) 
klbg32.dat (md5: 24b2a021bce060a9bc1612b166ef6282 ) 
klbg64.dat (md5: 806144e4e1baa297e79891827a5437c0 ) 
klbg32.drv (md5: e349043bdb90ca656f278f257f491494 ) 
klbg64.drv (md5: da3c0a419d56b332fadf15546ef5fc04 )

qscan.kdl (md5: 13d0437b06b74890888f9ff98963a2ee ) 
kavsys.kdl (md5: 5440614571bf4f857b8a6dad98fbc2db ) 
klark32.dat (md5: c55ed0c53b7b267a7617ada1e0ccb817 ) 
klark64.dat (md5: 21c50ba93412a0bed7044926ebdcacac ) 
klark32.drv (md5: d4db6fe603da95f423be5f3b25ff0162 ) 
klark64.drv (md5: ae7fc0c85202fefb8bc61e0e0167da2c ) 
klbg32.dat (md5: a47627536cafd746288d45c7b0cddfd8 ) 
klbg64.dat (md5: 1a9a99803f1d27eb86331e3d888c849f ) 
klbg32.drv (md5: 29245b7212fd1225a0de3b30090c0453 ) 
klbg64.drv (md5: 54a8ae9bf778bf7969d994c094a8873d )

arkmon.kdl (md5: 99c7ec3898e6922670dcf9c9bb19d2b4 ) 
arkmon32.dat (md5: 5d36a6e739132cd2630b510a71285eca ) 
arkmon64.dat (md5: 8fd4242a58226f000d701453603ac72d ) 
arkmon32.drv (md5: 89fcaa38c5fe1cbde9565e57d4c11137 ) 
arkmon64.drv (md5: 5df80b8ed56f8865d0ad904f3199f08d ) 
mark.kdl (md5: 0eff103d2c05675f1f507f1e4c2305d8 ) 
mark32.dat (md5: 2523603e033dd08f12370562820c3c52 ) 
mark64.dat (md5: 41a4c062ef116021e7e18812977d0783 ) 
mark32.drv (md5: 30a2e25cdfb628e2c2d792df82b0282b ) 
mark64.drv (md5: f31ec261ecc09db51ee6edc03a415140 )

arkmon.kdl (md5: 8cdc8f83e72d77eeeff555dd62355930 ) 
arkmon32.dat (md5: 6c957396174303da0708ba11911a9057 ) 
arkmon64.dat (md5: d81ceae4a0f3a3177b3701c4fe8481d5 ) 
arkmon32.drv (md5: b0e7cf9be44b6d0f3d2da153d3b3f826 ) 
arkmon64.drv (md5: 2d8ebcff84a4f328fa360c114429c2f3 ) 
mark.kdl (md5: 0346c5f3a9925504ccafef766184d685 ) 
mark32.dat (md5: 73c2b3468f9810ced88b113433fc4aba ) 
mark64.dat (md5: fcf0deeac627b8008585a78e417ffa08 ) 
mark32.drv (md5: f85d3081adf2429403720c389c95ebdf ) 
mark64.drv (md5: b6b9ff06466aa08cf96ca093ad409518 )

•    Support for new kernels (Win8.1, Win10 TH1, Win10 TH2)
•    Bugfixes

How to test:

You can find testing FAQs here

Update FAQ


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