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Thiago Saad

KES SP1 GUI not working

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I had a situation where i was deploying KESL from the KSC and i could see that my VM had some spikes when downloading packages because of my ISP instability and I could see that some required packages for GUI had been installed, while some others had not.
Because of that issue, final result is that i don't have GUI installed in my VM.

Tried reinstalling the product manually with dpkg -i kesl-beta and then running post-install.pl with no success.

On the release notes the required packages does not cover scenario where anti-cryptor neither GUI will be used, like if the computer has no access to the internet.
Can you please update what is the exactly packages needed for the GUI?

Currently the error is:





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After manual installation please run /opt/kaspersky/kesl/bin/kesl-setup.pl script with root permissions.

The last script step is GSI installation. Please choose "Yes". The script will check all necessary packages and will try to install them once the system has access to repository.

If some packages could not be founded it could be  figured out with script output. In that case please provide us with an output of /opt/kaspersky/kesl/bin/kesl-setup.pl script.

Thank you!

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Steps done:

1) Make sure KESL is removed and have root permission.

2) Install KES


3) Run postinstall and see that there is no prompt for using GUI



How can i proceed in that case?



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You need to stop klnagent before running /opt/kaspersky/kesl/bin/kesl-setup.pl :
/etc/init.d/klnagent64 stop

This problem had already been fixed for the release version.

The thing is that the product "sees" network agent and stops the further configuration.

It is assumed that the remaining settings come from KSC server.

Therefore the configuration process does not reach GUI  settings.

Thank you.


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