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Kaspersky SP2 making computers lag on Win 10

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Sorry, I'll say up front that I don't have a lot of great information because this issue seems to be sporadic with my users.  We have had one of our tech staff witness this lag but when I get my hands on a computer, I can't replicate it.

Every "so often" their computers will basically freeze up for 5+ seconds at a time.  Apparently some have reported "minutes" that it has taken for the "spinning" to stop.  Typing letters, there is lag, messages in Chrome will say it's not responding.  I had someone say that within 20 minutes of doing work on their computer, there has been "a lot" of lag and I had someone say that he could work on the computer all day and it might lock up on him a couple times within 5 minutes and then it wouldn't happen again for another half hour or something.

I'm just basically wanting to see if anyone has had Windows 10 specific issues of peoples' machines locking up while Kaspersky is active within the past week.  For these people experiencing the issues, if we turn their client off, they say there are no longer times where the machine locks up.

Running 10.4.343 agent and as a client for all of these that I've seen.

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Before the Fall Creator Update. I felt the lag and noticed the KES always consuming more than 20% CPU all the time. But it's much better after the Fall Creator Update. Still need to reinstall the KES because the Windows security notification keeping popup the no antivirus and firewall alert.

My Windows 10 laptop is running the latest KES with Fall Creator Update. No network agent installed.

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Thanks for the reply, @gigabytes

We are running Creator's Update but I'm not noticing it sitting at 20% normally.  Perhaps we have some different settings.  I've turned off the vapm tool, for instance, because that seemed to be a drag and it seemed a little unnecessary to me.

I'm not thrilled to hear that you need to re-install Kaspersky after upgrading to Fall Creator's, so that'll be fun when we end up doing that... :(

To update anyone interested, I just had a staff member say that she'd like to be able to go 30 seconds typing in a document and not have it freeze up for 5 seconds, so that gives you an idea with what's going on.

There was someone who said they weren't having issues today after they got updated to the very latest databases version that came out this morning, so I'm crossing my fingers that it was just a goofy update, though I'm not seeing the issue on my computer and we're still trying to find out common denominators other than Win 10 and SP2 client.

I also can't replicate the issue on a person's computer who I know had the issue, while I'm even logged in to their account.  I can sit and hold a key down for 3 minutes and not have an issue and I let YouTube play in the background so I can hear if Chrome freezes up but I haven't seen that, either.  It's super hard to track the exact cause down.  No fun.

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On 12/16/2017 at 6:22 PM, Evgeny_E said:


What kind of components do you use and what setting are applied ? 

Also please notice our support page for Windows 10 versions https://support.kaspersky.com/13036#block1

We have App Privilege Control, File AV, Web AV, System Watcher, Network Attack Blocker

and I don't know how to report what kind of settings we have, per se.  Files scanned by format, light heuristics, scan only new & changed files, don't unpack large compound files (max of 8 MB), scan archives isn't checked, smart mode for Scan mode, iSwift and iChecker (not sure what either of those are), run scan tasks only on AC power, self-defense enabled, machines check in to our local server unless they're at home, KSN isn't turned on, 15 secs to define a group heuristically under App Priv Ctrl settings, anything else to know that would be helpful?

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On 12/18/2017 at 10:54 AM, Konstantin Antonov said:


Could you please provide full GSI report with event logs.

Thank you!

I PM'ed you with a link to my GSI

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We have so far seemed to have luck by turning off Application Priv Ctrl...we've had issues with that module before :unsure:

I'm not saying that's the answer since it's still an outstanding issue but just throwing it out there in case that's helpful

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2 hours ago, Ivan.Ponomarev said:


Could you please use another file sharing service like google drive. 


This is what I have access to at the moment

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I'm going to bump this thread back up and I'm mainly looking to see if others have experienced this issue since I first reported.  It has still been an issue for us.  We have spent about 2 1/2 months dealing with this issue.  The bottom line is that it seems like Windows 10 users are having issues with either input activity freezing or a web browser or even MS Word will get the spinning icon and say Not Responding for a number of seconds and then things get back to normal, and this happens many times a day.

We don't know the fix.  For some users, when we turn the Kaspersky client off, they are happy and things work well.  For others, we could do some things to try to fix theirs, which don't work for some other people, and then they're fine and the freezing lessens.

We believe it to be some sort of issue where Kaspersky isn't the root cause, but it exacerbates the underlying issue (whatever that is).

We've had a ticket open with the highest levels of people at Kaspersky and they haven't been able to get us any answers, which we're overjoyed with.

Has anyone else with Windows 10 experienced this?  We're running a combination of Creator's and Fall Creator's builds here.

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