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Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway Setup Confusion

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We have been looking at implementing this product for applying DKIM signatures to our outbound emails (as well as the anti malware / spam protection it offers). After we followed the admin guides, we are at a loss as to if the below is possible:

We want our internal exchange server (for @ourcompanysdomain.co.uk) to receive emails from the outside world via KSMG

We want our external emails that users are sending, to go through KSMG and onto our 3rd party mail delivery service who in turn will verify emails/deliver to the final destination.

However, we want specific domains (for example – outbound emails to *@Hotmail.com) to go through KSMG and then delivered directly to them (Hotmail’s MX server) without going through our third party  and with the same DKIM signature as all the other emails.

Attached are 2 diagrams to show visually what we are trying to do.

If this is possible, can someone perhaps talk us through what is needed where, as we are struggling to get it set up in this manner.



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Thanks for your reply. Our problem is not that it doesn't work or gives errors, more that we cannot see how it can be configured to operate like described.

For example, when adding hotmail.co.uk as a domain, we cannot see how to tell it to use direct MX delivery rather than our smart host (the option to use MX requests an SMTP server address too!)

Also, for hotmail, we can reuse the DKIM key, but it changes the DNS string to include "hotmail.co.uk" within the TXT record.


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