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Cannot verify the certificate authenticity of www.tinyowl.com

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Hi Everyone -

I recently installed Kaspersky Internet Security and keep getting a message stating that the certificate of authenticity for tinyowl.com is invalid despite never attempting to visit the site or any similar site.  The message is attached.  It seems to pop up randomly when I'm browsing the web and then eventually goes away automatically.  So I don't know whether it's being allowed or denied. In addition, the company seems to have gone out of business in 2016. 

I also frequently get the same "Cannot verify the certificate authenticity of" message from Kaspersky for "SYMANTEC.COM.SSL.D1.SC.OMTRDC.NET" when browsing chrome even though I've never entered anything similar into the URL bar. 

Can someone help me to understand why Kaspersky keeps warning me about these sites despite my having never tried to visit them? Is this the sign of a virus or a compromised machine?  

Thanks again

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 7.24.32 PM.png

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1) Try to install default settings for SSL scan in preferences of our product. (Do not use "All" checkbox)

2) Then turn off our product (Quit button) and start the /Applications/Utilities/Terminal and execute command:
sudo rm -rf /Library/Caches/com.kaspersky.kav/PersonalCertificates/*  

Restart Mac and check problem.

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