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Update of swmon, kavbase and integrity control

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We are asking you to test swmon, kavbase and integrity control modules update

Update available from: http://dnl-test.kaspersky-labs.com/test/iro/


Release date:

14 Aug 2017 (start of targeting)


Update description:


1)      Modules are no longer packed
2)      User mode components were signed
3)      Incompatibility workaround for VmWare

1)      swmon.kdl          (, MD5: C3FC0EE1F483AFBB4858511DA99E7CB3)
2)      swmon_32.dll    (, MD5: F5516B92BE391F240CC0E6323E0A0FC0)
3)      swmon_64.dll    (, MD5: 3FD2F79AB6187C8EA7D1CBB0150FDEF6)
4)      swmon_drv.kdl (, MD5: 5E302984C99A22A882130AEF6D4E8E69)
5)      swmon32.dat    (, MD5: 28AE0205C5556674D7506915433D0545)
6)      swmon64.dat    (, MD5: 73CA518CC5B4127D06FE2F40D633A9F3)

1)      swmon.kdl          (, MD5: EDA3446183B8777D5D46634C72D9E583)
2)      swmon_32.dll    (, MD5: 8C342BE1A5F07C5D7DC7CCA04C0CE821)
3)      swmon_64.dll    (, MD5: 4D5C08B6287E284F4547C96E84462ACF)
4)      swmon_drv.kdl (, MD5: F3C056DE56734F11B773781340F235C4)
5)      swmon32.dat    (, MD5: 5C9505D85186205E4FB215BA62E98E4F)
6)      swmon64.dat    (, MD5: 84E33FC5D191A30A7F4EE6D15C6FD366)

How to test


    kavbase.kdl (x86, unmod)     Version:     MD5: 99E53242C5740AB7154D274168C5DD58 
    kavbase.kdl (x86, mod)     Version:     MD5: D1BCD2C09060A759C6D489766B9842CA 
    kavbase.kdl (x64)     Version:     MD5: BCC998321A7918083CB03A276F8D9F09 

1.       Added cache of Riskware in IChecker
2.       Fix classification of intellectual verdicts for KES11
3.       Added support non-XOR kimul.dat

How to test 

9e71c93a2070fb2dc51117b57d0ff417 - intctrl.kdl (mod) 
caf4be75f9060457c4bef20b8e84902d - intctrl.kdl

-    Win10 support

How to test

How to update:

Update etc

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I have just reinstalled avp 2018,looks like I have not received this pack of updates at the moment,

is it ok? may be i need wait few days longer???


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Hello everyone.

My english is bad. I want to ask that, my anti-virus is error, it have a msg "file system.dll not found". Pls help me :)

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