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money taken annually, yet I haven't got the product

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I had Kaspersky on my old pc which I gave away to a friend, then I purchased a new pc an went again with kaspersky, yet when it ran out on my old pc you took money out of my account! I have tried contacting you but your customer service is a minefield! As a result of your TOTAL LACK OF CUSTOMER SERVICE I decided not to renew with kaspersky when it ran out on my new pc, not that that has stopped you taking money from me! The annual kaspersky dips their hands into my account thing came round again this July but fortunately you didn't have up to date account details so I thought great, you don't get your sticky mits on my money AGAIN!!!!!!!! How stupid of me!, you just changed names an tried taking it out again, when I woke saturday morning on my day off I found 2 texts msgs on my phone and to be woken by somebody from my bank asking if it was possible there had been fraudulent activity on my account at 0600am yesterday morning (15th July), the bank stopped that payment this time and said because I had dealt with you in the past it wasn't fraud.....ok only other name for it I can think of is theft, why is it so bloody hard contacting a corporation this size????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I no longer have your product on any pc ANY PC WHATSOEVER, so STOP taking my money and just so as we are clear I will call that number again (should be a freephone number for how long it had me messing about pressing numbers) it took me all round the houses costing god knows what trying all options only to say I had the wrong number, so I rang the correct number went all round houses again with flaming options only to be told your not open today, I will be ringing again tomorrow, and if that doesn't work I will contact you in writing via a solicitor!!!!!!!!!!!

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