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How to re-block a URL after allowing it?

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When I went to a particular website, KTS blocked it, due to it's entry in the KTS database as a phishing site. I clicked the link to allow access if it's believed it was blocked by mistake; doing so because it's a trade association and teaching/learning website to do with my trade. Access to the site was then allowed (using Chrome) but only blue links on a white web page were visible. At that time, KTS then went nuts, activating the windows action centre, notifying me the site was blocked, 1-2 times per second; even occurring after I disabled the network adaptor. However, running CCleaner, clearing the temp folder, using the cleaner in Chrome, and using the other KTS cleanup features, seemed to calm KTS down.


However, I wondered what would happen if I tried to get back onto the website. You've guessed it: accessed was allowed straight away, without me clicking the link if I thought it was blocked by mistake, and KTS went nuts again. Therefore, I repeated the cleanup process as before and KTS settled down.


Therefore, this suggests that once the link 'click if it was blocked by mistake...' is clicked for a site, KTS remembers that selection for that website and then allows it thereafter. Therefore, how can I get KTS18 'b' to forget my selection and block the site automatically as it did the first time?


I'll also run a full scan just in case.



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:ph34r: As mentioned find out a way to Unblock those websites by carry out a Clean up with CCleaner

another action is reported to Virus desk: To do that..just goto the top Page on this forum

and click on "Virus desk" once opened enter the URL of your fishy sites

if Not lucky report the issue to Tech Support at the following

Link: https://my.kaspersky.com/support/requests/create


**Hope they make the - Virusdesk link shorter like before,.?

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Navigate to Kaspersky interface >> Settings >> Protection >> Web Anti-Virus >> Advanced Settings >> Configure trusted URLs << If this specific site is there just remove it from the list

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