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No Kaspersky Total Security for Mac?

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I'm currently using Kaspersky Internet Security for my mac. Now that it's near the end of my current Kaspersky Internet Security license, I've decided to use my unregistered Kaspersky Pure activation key once my current license ends. Under the License>Details (of the product) > Compatibility section of the unused product key in My Kaspersky, it only lists Kaspersky Total Security. I've tried downloading the mac version of the Kaspersky Total Security (on the official Kaspersky website) but it gave me an Internet Security version instead. I've also tried using the Kaspersky Pure product key in my Kaspersky Internet Security and it informs me that it's the activation key for the wrong product. This makes me wonder... will I even be able to use the Kaspersky Pure product key for my mac?


I'm currently using OS Sierra version 10.12.5.




Proudnut :bs:

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Hi, that's a pretty poor response from Kaspersky.  I can answer your question as I asked them the same thing.   There is no such product as Total Security for Mac!  Their Website is very misleading , I purchased Total Security and when I clicke don the download link I also got Internet Security instead.  

When I asked Kaspersky they replied....
> Dear customer,
> Apologies for the confusion.
> We should have explained that the license you have, which is for Kaspersky 
> Total Security, applies to the Internet Security when you are trying to 
> install it on a mac system. It can activate a Total Security application if 
> you are using a windows system device but only the Internet security one if 
> you are applying it on mac system. Due to the differences between the 
> windows and the mac systems, some features of the Total security 
> application cannot be implemented on a Mac computer. In any case your 
> license is valid for the latest application for Mac users. Again we 
> apologize for the confusion.

A bit annoying, but I hope that helps!  

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