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Need Help Understanding Licensing

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I'm getting lost trying to figure out Kaspersky licensing, and I'm not sure what's going on with Kaspersky's phones but I was on hold for an hour trying to get through to get this answered but gave up. I asked their tech support but I'm not sure their answer was correct so maybe someone here can help me out.



I have a bunch of virtual servers that I want to install light agent on and run a Kaspersky SVM server. I believe the license I need is KL4251AAPTQ (https://www.cdwg.com/shop/products/Kaspersk...PTQ&pfm=srh)


So a couple things are confusing me - first is that some licenses say 'License + Maintenance', some just say 'Maintenance'. When I called Kaspersky tech support they said the 'License + Maintenance' basically adds premium support, is that true? One would think Maintenance is if you just need to renew an already existing license, and if you don't yet have the license like myself, I would need Lic + Maint. The person I spoke to from Kaspersky said Mainenence would be fine, but again, the way it's worded is confusing and the prices are really far off between the two.


My next question is I saw another license called "Security for Virtualization, Core" This one is significantly more expensive. Is this licensing the physical host's CPU cores, and if so does that mean I'd have an infinite number of Kasperky licenses within my virtual environment as long as all CPU's are covered? That is how I Microsoft's licensing works so I'm not sure if this is the same, but if it is I'd much rather go this route than licensing each individual server. This would be cheaper in the long run, but I can't find anything on Kaspersky's website that even mentions this license.


One more thing, does the SVM server need its own license? And do I need an SVM per physical host, or will just one be fine? I have 4 hosts in a VMware cluster.

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