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KJIM, WLEngine, HIPSDB, VLNS3, SystemWatcher modules update

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We are asking you to test KJIM, WLEngine, HIPSDB, VLNS3, SystemWatcher modules update


Release date:

12 sep 2016


Update description:


1. Changes:



• Emulation fix



• Changed behavior on signed files



• Bugfix

• Add Edge support to default deny apps



• Bugfixes


System Watcher

• Imrovements in Swapper, Rollback, Apiproxy, Rescan components

• Added СОМ-objects activity logging

• Bugfixes


2. Files:


How to update FAQ.


This is a targeted delivery.

2a. You can download for KJIM, WLEngine, HIPSDB, VLNS3, SystemWatcher

kjim.kdl x86 (; MD5: b25eaf0cb9f5d3c622437dfd2df88db4)

kjim.kdl x64 (; MD5: 090abef0335a95dfca539809b6dacf00)

wlengine.dll (; MD5: c8ca8a9b5f1a9c0968e38b5b31c5efd6)

Hipsdb5.xml (md5 f7f6a5802faa97ce03f4d25baec5ca2c)

vlns3_engine.dll (; MD5 : 2930ee26a668ecf2a9c210025933790e )

vlns3_convert.dll (; MD5: e13978e1522ac05e0a1de39c134b5fc8)

klavasyswatch.dll (; MD5: e673739fbf55975d73426ffcf6a133f9)

klswapiproxy.kdl (; MD5: 0x1AFA2E1BE39D203A06142957AFCAA880)

rollback.dll (; MD5: 0xBFB1F1C02367FD929B28FB343BABFE5D)

sw2.xms (MD5: fbbed20adf7260189a822707906a1136)


or, for KJIM и SystemWatcher alternatively:

kjim.kdl x86 (; MD5: dfa82f01639f6a2ca5a24e2b3db9d94d)

klavasyswatch.dll ( MD5: 8b719c4d2a3cf1f0669e62b75334fb62)

klswapiproxy.kdl (; MD5: 0x5C40C70BF85B1CAD1770F38A6B5BEDAB)

rollback.dll (; MD5: 0xD68D9FCE01B9B4FA695986697C3C8ACA)

sw2.xms (MD5: 29d42d52e9e28ec238d66ae71e51e130)


FAQ about testing:





System Watcher

Update procedure, etc.

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