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How to remove the orange border in Safe Money

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Win 7 Pro 64bit SP1

Firefox 44.0.2



Because of ongoing problems with Win updates there are some that I can't install. As a result when I open Safe Money I get the orange border with the warning about OS updates not installed. At the moment there is absolutely nothing I can do about this so I would like to prevent the orange border from appearing - it is simply a nuisance.


With my previous version of KIS there was a setting in Safe Money that would remove the warning border (whose colour I forget). In my current Safe Money settings there is a box for "Notify about about operating system vulnerabilities" that I have unticked. Unfortunately doing this does not prevent the orange border from appearing.


So, is there any way of getting rid of the orange border?

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Hey guys,




If I may, if it's saying KIS is not providing complete protection of your data, critical system updates needed, there is no connection with the wifi vulnerabilities.

You just have to do your updates. That's it. If you don't want to or can't. Try bringing it in to your local tech shop :D

or just ignore it haha. kidding.


But that's just it, it would say exactly what you need to fix

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@harlan4096. I'm afraid that your link relates to Win 8. I have Win 7.


@D-Auto-Resolved-D. I am well aware of the points you are making. However, my unanswered questions are very specific ones. In Safe Money Settings, under Additional, there is a check box that says:


Notify about operating system vulnerabilities. If this check box is selected, the operating system will be analyzed for vulnerabilities every time a bank or payment system website is opened. If vulnerabilities are detected, you will be corrected to fix them.


Now I have left the check box unchecked. The only possible interpretation of the above words is that I will not be prompted to correct them, which is exactly what I wish. So, I am still asking:


1) Why does Kaspersky not do what it says it will do? Do I perhaps need an upgrade?


2) As it was possible to do what I want with my previous version of Kaspersky, why can I not do it with the current version? Is it perhaps some change that Kaspersky has made?

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