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Alexey Sherikhov

kavbase.kdl, avengine.dll, kjim.kdl, klavemu.kdl update

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We are asking you to test kavbase.kdl, avengine.dll, kjim.kdl, klavemu.kdl


Release date:



Update description:


1. Changes:


kavbase.kdl, avengine.dll, kjim.kdl, klavemu.kdl:


Some improvements


2. Files:


How to update FAQ.


2.а kavbase.kdl, avengine.dll, kjim.kdl, klavemu.kdl


This is a targeted delivery.


• kjim.kdl x86 (; MD5: 502AB9679220E4AE00806997B6625BD0)

• kjim.kdl x64 (; MD5: C446FA74192EAA453E79C8FAB1B383A7)

• klavemu.kdl x86 (; MD5: 76b04999dade2e08b49145958bb0ab62)

• klavemu.kdl x64 (; MD5: d42a32eae769f8cf9e7df2f262bb376a)

• avengine.dll (; MD5: 45ae02d18ac3aa41355b6f543c132321)

• kavbase.kdl x86 (; MD5: 9E483A0332B712C636EAE96AE9D280C6)

• kavbase.kdl x64 (; MD5: F026767E0DB1168D6852F59F8ABF91E3)




or, for KAV 6 WKS/FS, KIS/KAV 12, KIS/KAV 13, KES 8, KES 10, KIS/KAV 14, KIS/KAV 15, KIS/KAV 16:

• kjim.kdl x86 (; MD5: 3E3295408C26D0BE315477824722FADE)

• klavemu.kdl x86 (; MD5: 1b2bea4722a7733070b609583d42a019)

• avengine.dll (; MD5: f652e60b8d4545bac58d3969c3dcc403)

• kavbase.kdl x86 (; MD5: 1C859A3600EA6F069447A59A0077B4A1)


FAQ about testing:





Update etc.

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