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Andrey Korochkin

Update DLP (Data Leak Protection) compliance packages

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Update for DLP compliance packages is available for beta-testing!


Files list:


Compliances pack (


1 common.zip 1d0a37cbcc8a436a2d273270feb9628a

2 common_france.zip 6f41e9cdf798d847e86f15ccdeb8c4ab

3 common_germany.zip fd1cc90c614cd7bd5235b79ccf0b243e

4 common_russia.zip 42672314dabfeeaa27fb61140ce8e3cf

5 common_usa.zip 3d0a1d7c09d7ed879ebada2eab27aec6

6 fl152_russia.zip 41a77b3d3d17c793390fa0d89e47622d

7 hipaa.zip 835b836d749667c84c4ae75c9ad8bf5a

8 lexicon.zip d84a400507abb9c104c89ee171d3f857

9 lexicon_english.zip 5521651e8622bb54d9a14f3f114409b6

10 lexicon_french.zip e20084ef0c603fead00ecb44b11a3a9c

11 lexicon_german.zip 2a2f692878f102a4174c38c599ce2b88

12 lexicon_russian.zip f2ce62fc7b9319d8223f062a7d6f5b86

13 pci_dss.zip ba005b8283c87ea35e6afd929a704ed7

14 phi_france.zip 52b3bdcc838f01b3a6e1ddcf5ed3468a

15 phi_germany.zip e9151fe6c4b3118f1b3e4d75814fe316

16 phi_russia.zip 5da9ebf9952954f61fd791f341af0d47

17 phi_uk.zip f5e92060bbf918cc09f2779e9ee79300

18 phi_usa.zip 004e92231f1c7211868cfb2d98e36404

19 pii_france.zip 3becd28321342df7538b64a9ebf9d723

20 pii_germany.zip 010f7a3ca1a91ad3a3d1510aac556748

21 pii_russia.zip 955a35c2767c0c0f6faff7a0d0e883e9

22 pii_uk.zip dfece12debcf2e16409227854a4821c9

23 pii_usa.zip 713e9905468b747f608a4e5719b40581



Update source:



Update description:

Improvement processing MS Excel files, improvements in some categories, support 2 Chinese localizations


How to test FAQ link:



As report:

Traces, screenshots, dumps etc

If it's ok - let us know too



Update will be downloaded for KSE/KSH9.1 only

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