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Is there any more powerful online security scan except for rescue disc?

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I use windows 7 starter, microsoft essentials, malwarebytes and your security scan.

None of them detects any malware in my system (all updated with recent definitions), although strange things happen in it.

Cannot send in no way whatsoever an sms through windows e.g. and when I switch to my android os (same netbook) it goes through easily -amongst dozens of other problems.

I cannot decide to uninstall microsoft essentials and replace it with some of your trial versions.

I believe that if i save your rescue disc to a usb and reboot from this it might help.

Since I do not have a usb handy (my system cannot accept dvd) is there any online version of some scan as powerful as the rescue disc?

Thank you

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It is not a question of which malware scan tool is most powerful, awesomest, best.


Rather, it is a question of which malware scanner is suited for a particular purpose.


Kaspersky Rescue Disc is specialized for the purpose of using when the Windows system can't be booted up, and for file infector viruses, such as Sality, and for bona fide rootkits, and for Windows Lockers. If none of those three apply, please start at the base of the scanner pyramid.


Please see: Kaspersky Lab Forum > English User Forum > Virus-related issues > the second Important topic. There, you will find instructions for GSI and AVZ logs.


Please see the small print that is located at the bottom of this message.



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Hi, it's me again (alphabeta 13) but I forgot my password and which email I registered with you so I registered again.


I used to have your Kaspersky security scan installed in my netboook (Acer D257, Windows 7 starter) on top of Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes.

It finds things from time to time.

Yesterday I tried a full scan and it freezed in 57% for hours.

(In the mean time, my malwarebytes and microsoft essentials full scans completed alright).

I could not restart scan so I uninstalled KSS and tried to install the recent version in your site.

I tried 4 times and cannot install in no way whatsoever.

It says "the setup wizzard is downloading the latest version of the application" it takes ages and finally it shows some error, I'm waiting this 5th time and tell you what.

"You must reboot your computer before proceeding with the installation" it says now, which I will do but I doubt that it will go OK so I post before to reboot.

I must have some malware in spite of all my software and good efforts as -among other things- my pc clock is back one hour each time I open it.

I googled this and other people too had same problem which they resolved bu formating their hard disk.

I try to avoid doing so.

I think I have basically two options, one to daub with what I have handy (system restore, security software scans, offline and online) the infections and alternatively, format.

I'm bored with anything else because I believe it will not help.

Out of long experience.

(So do not try to post those logs you require).

Any suggestions on how to succeed installing KSS?



Last time KSS worked alright it found vulnerabilities in my main browser, Firefox, I uninstalled and installed Chrome, it found vulnerabilities in Chrome too, I uninstalled and installed Opera. Indeed my browsers did not quite obey me as a matter of fact. It looks like hackers are punishing my KSS for showing the browser vulnerabilities or don't know what.


P.S. 2 I know it will sound weird but the window saying "you must reboot etc" started whistling and playing music.


edit: all bold = Off.

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Me again.

It installed alright after rebooting.

If this is all quite normal I'm sorry to bother you.

It's only that to me, it seemed an invasion.


edit: del quote.

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