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KIS 2013 high memory and CPU usage

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Can anyone explain why, when it is not scanning or updating, Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 will sometimes be using ~450,000K of memory and ~70% of CPU for quite long periods (about 10 minutes)? This also happened with the previous version when it was much worse.


It renders my computer almost unusable during these times and if I am playing a 3D game I definitely have to stop (which is very annoying).




P.S. Most of the time the memory and CPU usage is much less at ~80,000K and 0 <> 5% CPU.

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Settings > fourth cardboard box icon > Compatibility > uncheck Concede Operating System resources at computer startup > ok > reboot.


And please disable System Watcher, located in the settings > reboot. Any better? If still no go after those two, please post your GetSystemInfo report link, instructions are located

in the fifth (5th) Important topic.


Please see the small print that is located at the bottom of this message.

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Hi Thanks for the reply. Sorry for the late follow-up.


The problem appears to be related to the Rootkit Scan.


I don't have any issues with system resources until, at some point in the day (not start-up), my system gets very slow and unresponsive. I have checked and this only happens when the KIS system tray menu says the Rootkit Scanner is running.


The rootkit scanner also hangs at 50% and never goes any higher.


If I open up the KIS task manager and click "stop" to stop the rootkit scanner, although it appears to stop according to the KIS Task manager, the systray menu still says it is running at 50% and the avp.exe process is still consuming around 99% of CPU.


The consequence of this is often waiting 10-20 seconds for other applications to respond.


This continues either for several hours or (as I usually lose patience to wait for it to stop) until I reboot the PC. So my only means to get back the CPU is to rebook because I can't kill the avp process via the Windows task manager.


I have, at the moment, turned off the rootkit scanner but I would much prefer to have it on for obvious reasons.


I'll post a link to the GetSystemInfo report here shortly.




P.S. I think the rootkit scanner issue may be different from the one I originally posted about, but still involves high CPU and memory consumption.

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