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Hotfix/patch E has been released to the servers.


As usual it will take a while until everybody gets it as it will be a gradual release, so don't get frustrated just because you do not see it already even after doing a manual update and a reboot.....which is what it will make any patch/hotfix that has been downloaded go into effect....a reboot. Most will get it by tomorrow thats usually how i get the patches served...the day after i see the first reporting that they got it. :)


Changes since last patch or as some would call it program update:

Patch E

On December 21, 2012Kaspersky Lab releases a new patch E for Kaspersky Internet Security 2013.


Patch E is automatically installed once anti-virus databases of Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 version are updated.

Patch E eliminates the following problems:


• Some issues of the Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 interface.

• Problems displaying Virtual Keyboard, Block dangerous websites and Kaspersky URL Advisor plugins in Mozilla Firefox 18.

• Problems saving Kaspersky Internet Security user settings after OS rebooting.

• Problems starting Kaspersky Internet Security after rebooting OS Windows.

• Problems printing files while working in the Safe Money mode.



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When you do receive the patch E for version 2013, please do two reboots and then see Settings > fourth cardboard box icon > compatibility > uncheck Concede Operating System resources at computer startup > Ok > reboot.


The second reboot after the patch is received will cause this setting to be enabled, even if this setting was disabled before the patch was received.


Question: "Should this setting be enabled, or disabled?"


Answer: Quote from the Help file: "If the check box is selected, the startup of Kaspersky Internet Security is postponed for a while to allow the operating system to boot faster.


We recommend that you avoid using this mode, since in this case Kaspersky Internet Security does not scan network connections that had been established before the application was started. For example, Kaspersky Internet Security will not intercept actions of malicious programs that receive or transmit data at the operating system's startup; it will not control messaging over IM clients, either.


If the check box is cleared, Kaspersky Internet Security starts together with the operating system."


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