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Kaspersky Password Manager License

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I'm looking to purchase a Password Manager and I've been looking at the one provided by Kaspersky.


On the purchase page is states that the "License does not expire".

Does this mean that, along with having a license that will last forever, I'll be able to get free updates and upgrades to newer versions as they are realeased?


I also couldn't help but notice that it's pretty much a direct clone of Sticky Password. The bigger difference is that Sticky Password has a few more "newer" features (they'll soon come to KPM?) and has a license that is only good for the current version - no free updates to new versions.


This would be pretty much correct?

I'm finding myself in need of a good, reliable and secure password manage and find myself leaning towards KPM.



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The license doesn't expire, but it's just for this version. It will not work with KPM 6, when it will be released (it was the same with v4 licenses on v5).


Thanks for the reply.


Pretty disappointed to hear that. It's misleading in the way it says that the license will never expire.


I guess I would be better off buying the original software that KPM is derived from - It's more up to date for pretty much the same price.

An alternative would be the KPM that is found in Pure? How up to date is the KPM found in that software? does it more closely follow the updates for Sticky Password or does it lag behind the same?


Also, does pure follow the same licensing type as KIS? Does a license carry over to new versions and upgrades and does a license key for an older version work with the latest one?


And, finally, is there any way to transfer a KIS license over to a Pure license if I was to pay the difference?


Thank you for helping me out with this.

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well it is correct, it is not a yearly subscription like for the AV, you just can't update.

Yearly AV licenses allow for upgrade to newer versions. So pure and kis allow upgrades. The KPM inside pure is tightly integrated, hard to say how 'up to date' it is. As for transferring from KIS to pure, most likely it will count as a renewal, so you get 30% discount. If the KIS license is new (as in less than 2 weeks), you can request a refund and buy kis instead. However, sales should know better, for this you should contact them.


Thanks so much for answering my questions. You've pretty much answered everything that I was curios about and needed to know.


I would prefer it to be as up to date as the source software that it is derived from. I've read that the integrated KSM in Pure is more up to date than KSM on its own, but not entirely on par with Sticky Password. It's the core security, functionality, compatibility and reliability that I am after - Pure seems to provide this and does everything that KIS does, with extras.


I currently have 300 days remaining on my 3 user license of KIS right now...I think I'm out of the refund time-frame.

I could perhaps contact sales and see if I can pay the difference to get transfered from a KIS 3 user license to a Pure 3 user license, but with my remaining 300 days...


Well, thank you for your help, Lucian :)


I hope sales will be able to help me out.

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