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I'm just in the process of upgrading PCs to KES A. All looks good other than I can't get the client to install patch A automatically. In this Knowledge Base Article it says to have a couple of options selected:



In the Group task to update Virus Definitions (which runs every 2 hours) I have the options set as described above.


I have KSC 9 installed and it downloads updates every hour and I have 'Audodetect updates list' selected under 'Settings' --> 'Update List' --> Configure.


In the KLSHARE shared folder on the server (\\server\klshare\Updates\AutoPatches\kav12\\msp) I can see the following files which I presume are the updates:






The PC I'm testing on is Windows 7 (64 bit) and fully Microsoft patched.


Any ideas as to why the client machine is not updating to patch A?


Thanks Mark

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Thanks, that resolved the matter. :supercool:


One point of clarification, the PC I'm testing on is Windows 7 Professional SP1.

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