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Hello all,


Any idea why a couple of old trojan test tools are added to the trusted zone with a default install of KIS?





Just curious.



KIS 2012 (j)

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Hi norwegian,


Maybe because they are not malware, and/or they are signed, and/or they are known to KSN as safe, and/or Heuristic analysis showed they were ok?


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Hello richbuff, hope this finds you well?


As for detection, it is neither signed nor known to the KSN, but it is placed into the "trusted zone".

I'm just surprised it wasn't put into the "low restricted".

I understand it is a simulator and old, just curious why the heuristics didn't even flinch, surely something like these would give a questionable alert and look at the "low restricted"?

I can not see any signed .exe info either, guess the heuristics are that finely tuned, I'm just surprised that's all.


As I've mentioned elsewhere, I know KIS can be adjusted to alert to this, that I have no problem with.

But for default settings there is nothing and it is a loaded as a trusted application.



This is Baz's reply in 2008 - http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=87798

That is the main thing to note here.


Why detect something that isn't harmful?


The file is put into "trusted" group by KIS 2009 because it is made by a real (safe) company and does not have any malicious functions. If you want to use this "test" then you must move the application into the low restricted application filtering group. Any malware or unknown file would not be placed in the trusted group so this test is of negligible value.


The first alert you get is the application setting the registry run key. If you block it (as recommended in the popup, it gives an error and can't complete the "simulation")


Filealyser doesn't show any company referencing either?


No biggie.



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