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Kaspersky for Exchange, Installation Error Active Directory Permissions

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Having problems installing Kaspersky for Exchange 2010 with DAG. The installer official error message is "insufficient rights to create objects in active directory" and in kseinstall log the last line is "Creating AD Object".


So what are the exact permissions needed to install Kaspersky for Exchange?


Setup user already have local administrator and full control on the CN=Services, CN=Microsoft Exchange object so what more could be needed!?



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Hello, I did installation couple months ago, I've use domain administrator account. Local user account doesn't work, nor you can open an Exchange managment (shell) as local user.


Do the installation of Kaspersky with the same account when you installed Exchange.

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Just wanted to post some info here on this, since I had this problem and it was the top search result.


Installing Kaspersky Security 8 for Microsoft Exchange Servers

"The CreateActiveDirectoryObjectsActionStep operation ended in an error: AD not enough permissions."


During the install account, it asks you twice, what account you wish to run Kaspersky under,

and I wrongly assumed it would use that for AD write access, but actually it uses the logged in account.


The account I was logged in as was a domain admin, but for a subdomain of a forest,

and it is trying to write to the configuration stored in the top level domain:



So I added the account to the forest "Enterprise Admins" group, however, the permissions would not

take effect until I re-logged into the server, which meant cancelling and letting it do a rollback.


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