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Alexander Ilin

Your suggestions on Kaspersky Security Center 9

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Improvements on KSC9 in my point of view would be the following:


- In the Windows Updates portion where you can see updates and install them, etc., make it more searchable. By this I mean: We have many production PC's in our network that I do NOT want updated with Windows Updates. I want to be able to search for Windows Updates by computer name. I want to be able to delete certain Windows Updates on that list that I will never install and get it off of that list. The list right now for the Windows Updates are not accurate. There are updates that I installed months and months ago that are still saying NOT INSTALLED for the specific user but it is. I even search for Windows Updates on the user computer, then go to KSC9 and force a sync and it is still listed. Also when I do want to install an update, when you right click on the update and hit install update, I would like a menu to come up giving you a choice of groups, computers, just like when you create a task and specify the certain people. This would help me a lot since we do not have any type of Windows Updates solution.


- When a virus/trojan/etc. is detected in an email and I receive an email notification about it, I want it to have more information. Like what the subject is, the exact file location and name, who it is from. When we had Kaspersky MP4 6.0, our email were very detailed and when we switched to KES8, they were very uninformative even with configuring it.


- The ability to disable ALL protection for 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, etc. something like this. Sometimes I need to verify that Kaspersky is NOT causing a certain issue and the only way to do this is exit out of it completely.


- For email notifications being sent on an event, there needs to be an option in the KSC9 modify notifications to be able to list as many emails you want this sent to. That's how it was in MP4 and I cannot have it sent to a shared folder or 1 email. I need this sent to multiple people and you can only specify ONE email address now and it really sucks.


- Device Control - Make the devices more name friendly in the "devices connected" or actually anywhere.


- When any kind of web control action happens on a user computer and the Kaspersky box pops up letting them know it was blocked and all, there should be a way right in the "blocked" pop up where you can send as a false positive. For example, we have a pornography rule with data type and data and there are so many false positives when it comes to this. We have had pictures of flowers being named pornography. This actually would be better if it was improved in the detection ability all together.


- In my workstation group in KSC9 under my managed computer's list where all my PC's are listed, 5 of them say "restart required". So I went to 3 of these PC's and restarted them and the next day when I came in I checked KSC9 to see if that disappeared. No It didn't. So I forced a synch and went and restarted them each 2 times. I waited 3 days this time and this message still shows. I then tried to shutdown these PC's 3+ times to see if that would clear the restart message but it did not clear it either. Why won't KSC9 see that I am restarting these PC's? It seems to me like there might be an issue with the network agent not detecting the correct information on a PC. Most of these forum posts have something to do with network agent not working right and most of my issues are coming from things I believe deal with network agent not working.


There is more but I cannot think of it right now so I will be adding more most likely soon. Thanks!

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Hi ,


When the user receives an email to his outlook with an attachment, and he wants to scan the particular email.

We know that mail anti virus is doing this job, even it will be better you we find an option in the outlook itself to scan that particular email, i.e., right click in the email and scan.




Mubarak Ali.A

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It's a good deal to ask the customers for their ideas and not only to "make something new"



Please add the path of an infected or suspicious file to the warning action mail.

I would like to see the full path of the infected file directly in the mail that is send when a virus is found not only after going into KSC.



Please sort the events in the events selection by date. Latest on top. Currently some unsorted listing is done there so the first thing I have to do every time is sort that huge list, which takes some unneseccary time...

Would love to see this implemented...


I think these are some good ideas by stelektro and would like to see them be applied as well.

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I think these are some good ideas by stelektro and would like to see them be applied as well.


I agree with them as well. A full path would be beneficial in determining the 'seriousness' of the issue, without having to jump onto the console.



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Adding a field to show Content Category for Access Blocked events in reports. At the moment i can only see the Content Rule, not the actual category that blocked the website within that specific rule.


I have worked around this by using an Event Selection, but this cant be emailed AFAIK.

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Okay so this "Unprocessed Objects" Still appears to be unresolved.


We are running all Windows 7-64bit workstations, and KSC 10.0.3361 and Protections version (a.b.c.dpf4.pf80) and Network Versions 9.2.69 and on some 10.0.3361.


Workstation in the KSC still shows Yellow - (There are unprocessed Objects) the workstation does NOT list any unprocessed objects in the reports. What have I tried, The better question is what have I not tried!


I've tried updating the Network agent - no help

I've uninstalled and reinstalled both Nagent and antivirus client.

Pushed out patch pf80 as we found with pf4 we were getting a lot of Network file access slowness, plus the odd workstation crashes. So Kaspersky knew about this issue and directed us to download pf80. This helped with that issue. But still we get "There are unprocessed Objects".\


This is very frustrating as we have around 300 workstations and about 5 - 10% of them are showing this issue whereas the others remain green - no issues.


We have also noticed that in the past two years the Kaspersky support line is just not that. It is thanks for calling and here is your incident number, we will contact you later.

When we first bought into this product and we called in there was no issue with support. The tech would work with you online/remote access and get the issue resolved. Now it is a different thing altogether. It seems like you are rushed off the call and never really hear anything back.


Okay now that I have that bitching out of the way. We still need a resolution to the issue "There are unprocessed Objects". This is really getting tiresome and Kaspersky needs to get this issue resolved. Otherwise I can guarantee that we will be moving to another product!!


David Gauld


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